Babcock is the art of talking shit about someone, or their abilities to others for the sole person of defaming or demorilizing the other person for personal gain.
Jerry told the hiring panel about Steve's past personnel complaints which were unfounded to discourage them from selecting him from getting the job. Hence, Steve was Babcocked by Jerry.
by The forgotten Captain March 5, 2019
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To surprise one's spouse with a divorce with no prior warning or indication of intent, typically by moving one's all personal belongings out of a shared residence while the other party is out.
He totally babcocked me. I came home from work, all his shit was gone and he handed me divorce papers.
by The_Seeer December 30, 2014
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An enormous women, Who has an obsession with Poetry and chapbooks, her butt is extremely large
Did you see that Babcock Yesterday, shes as big as a bus
by Jay U June 15, 2010
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A small dick.
Bab means Baby in different languages and cock also means penis so it should be "baby penis"
"That guy over there has such a Babcock"
"How long?"
"1.5 inches and he's 20!!!!"
by Oooooopoo January 5, 2019
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Dumbest GM in the NBA. Can't even rebuild a team properly. No trading skills. Should be fired NOW!
Man that trade was so unfair, they got babcocked!
by angry_fan February 24, 2005
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The act of taking some real dick from behind and quickly swallowing the cum on camera.
She babcocked herself into popularity on the internet!
by The Satan November 21, 2019
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n. Statement of a ridiculous and obscure way things could go wrong, often mentioned when everything is going well. An unlikely buzzkill. Named after Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock, who finds ways to stifle high expectations for his championship-calibre team.
v. To make such a statement.
I'm cautiously optimistic about this threesome. Not to Babcock, but the problem is, increased blood flow to the penis risks genital explosion. I'm not prepared for that.
by Qris November 29, 2010
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