Barf Out Loud: a reaction to something gross/funny/creepy. Or it could be a reaction to something disturbing/annoying.
Him: Ha ha, yesterday at the beach I saw a hairy guy with a banana hammock wedgie.

Her: Eww! BOL!
by furb2000 September 6, 2009
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The term BOL stands for "Bitch outta line"
Susie Q: Oh damnnnnn, you see her over there?
Charlene: Yeah, BOL!
by D-Money-Fo-Real! October 26, 2011
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'BOL' is the new lol. it stands for 'Burst Out Laughing', and was invented by someone very cool called Emili.
HANNAH says:
Remember what sophie did yesterday?

EMMA x says:
BOL, that was well hilarious :)
by Lana (is cool) October 23, 2008
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Short for "Best of Luck," used for texting
Text A: I have a job interview tomorrow.

Text B: Oh, BoL
by Loser_Cruiser87 January 5, 2012
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Person 1:<insert funny joke>
Person 2:lol!!
Person 3:bol!
by Macaron January 27, 2008
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booming out loud; derrived from lol. Stronger than boom, but weaker than botcafol.

See also: wordboom
by Bucking Fastard January 7, 2003
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