the word "B.OY" - in some neighborhoods - is pronounced:

BULL (but there's a lag on the "LL" making almost an "LH",

or BOL, but BOL doesn't have a hard L, and so it's usually more like

you my bol

i got a couple berrs with my bol
by flobie December 2, 2004
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bol - Milk just came out of my nose.
by The Infamous Din May 30, 2013
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bol means bahahaha out loud, its the new lol
fred says: shes weird
bob says: bol :)
by created by tom p May 31, 2009
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A vodka brand which makes one of the worst tasting liquors you will ever find. It will make you vomit.

-See Boles' Standard
Man, that juice tasted so horrible, it was like drinking Bols!
by Public Masturbator October 22, 2010
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bust out laughing.
busting out laughing.
busted out laughing.
john was boling after the tosh.o show
by jewsh October 9, 2009
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The bol on your favourite pipe or bong.

"jesus fuck that's a huge bol- you're going to be handicapped."
by ALNS08 February 25, 2008
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I'm having a really bad day, well thats the bol
by bombakat January 4, 2011
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