A wedgie is the condition when someones underwear gets stuck up their ass naturally, or by someone pulling it up there. Wedgies are done usually to nerds who wear tighty whities. However it can be done to people who wear boxers to, and of all ages. Wedgies are done as an act of dominance, to torture somone, for sibling rivalry, or just friends messing around.
When I was younger I used to wear tighty whities. Supposedly, because of this my brother would wedgie me all the time. I think it was just because he was being a jackass. I have proof to since now I wear boxers, and he still gives me wedgies all the time. One time he had his friend over, when I was about 12, and he was about 15. I was laying down on my bed watching tv, when my brother walked into my room. I was immediately suspicious. He walked over, and jumped onto me before I hardly had time to move. He was pinning me to the bed, when his friend came into the room. He screamed, "Hold him down!" So now his friend was pinning me down as he reached down my pants and grabbed the waist band of my tighty whities. He yanked them upwards with both hands. His friend laughed, saying "Your brother still wears tighty whities," mockingly. My brother replied, "Yep, my goal is to rip them all." He continued to yand away while I was screaming in pain. Finally they were about half way up my back when my leg holes started to show and he yanked at those. I could hear my underwear starting to tear as he yanked more violently. My underwear was at the back of my head, when my brother thought of a different idea. He had his friend let go and lifted me up by my underwear hanging me up on a hook that was in my room. he tied my hands and feet together with some rope and they left me there. I hung for 20 minutes before it finally broke, and I was still tied up for a while with underwear jammed up my ass.
by average joe the 53rd March 8, 2008
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A painful form of punishment or torture on uncool male children inwhich the underwear is pulled up sharply forcing itself up the victims ass. This may be complimented with swirlies, nipple twisting, and ball kicking.
When I was a freshman i was walking through the halls by myself when i was suddenly yanked of the ground by my tightey whities. I twisted around to see the school bully. He kept on pulling until i was in an atomic wedgie(underwear pulled over your head.) It was last period so he gave me a hanging wedgie on the hook on his locker. I heard the bell ring and suddely five seniours including the bully grabbed me from the locker and ran into the bathroom. they ripped off all my clothes except my tightey whities and flushed them down the toilet. They took pictures of my pasty body and then twisted my nipples really hard. Then they gave me another atomic wedgie but also a jock lock. Then they shoved my head into the toilet and gave me a swirly fo a minute. I started to cry but that just made them laugh more and kicked me in the balls. They finally took me outside again and slammed my back against the wall. then they grabbed my underwear and gave me the wrst frontal wedgie. I knew my sex life was over from then. They finally got bored of me and gave me a hanging wedgie from the basketball hoop.
by where its at20290 October 2, 2012
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when someone grabs either the front of your underwear or the back and pulls up as high as they can go
True Story

I was walking home from school and and the three school bullies jumped me. they tied my hands behind my back blindfolded me and made me walk to some place i still dont know of. they untied my hands and gave me a hanging wedgie. they took off the blindfold and started laughing at me. they made me call my parents and say that i was staying over at my friends for 1 or 2 days. one of them pulled my legs down as far as they could go and they each took turns punching and kicking me in the balls for about 5 minutes each. they then took me down still in a wedgie and tied my hands together. the main bully gave me a superman wedgie and flew me into the bathroom. they gave me a swirly for 30 seconds while still in the wedgie put me in a hanging wedgie for a minute, then gave me another swirly for a minute. they then took me to the closet, and there was a hook on both sides. they put the front of my underwear on one hook and the back on the other hook. they then put duct tape over my mouth and left me there for about 3 hours. they came back fed me rotten food, and then made me drink 3L of water. they then took me down blindfoled me and put me on a flagpole in the school. i had to wait until someone came to get me down. i was in a wedgie for a total of 37 hours.
by anomuss January 3, 2012
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Were underwear is yanked up the butt crack by the waist band.
Me and my friends were playing truth or dare. I chose dare and if you forefitted you got 5 kicks in the balls. I was dared to be given a wedgie and my friend gave it and ripped my white american eagle's front and back. My butt was in pain then he still kicked me in the balls.
by Master876 January 1, 2015
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For nerds like me getting wedgies is unfortunate. Your underwear gets yanked up your buttocks, its my bullys favorite thing to do. One time i was wearing a thong (they are comfortable) and Calvin (the jock who bullys me) dragged me to his locker where he put me on the coathook, then he took photos which he then put kn his Instagram app. He would not let me out for tge whole day.
Sometimes when I wear briefs
He gives me a Texas Wedgie. which is when he puts hot sauce in my buttocks while giving me a wedgie. It hurts so bad.
Calvin gave me 4 different wedgies today, my ass is burning.
by guki gang June 19, 2018
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When someone sneaks up behind and pulls your underwear up your crack, causing an intense amount of pain. Usually given to dorks wearing tighty-whities by cool guys wearing boxers because tighty-whities stretch farther, don't rip as easily, and dig deeper into your crack. If the person giving the wedgie is strong enough, they can lift you up by your underwear and hang you on something, this is called a hanging wedgie. It can keep the wedgie going, like the bondage wedgie, where the victim is tied up so they can't pick their wedgie.
I tattled on my brother and got him grounded. That night, I woke up to him lifting me up by my underwear. He gave me an atomic wedgie, then duct taped my hands together so I couldn't unpick it. The next morning, I was carried upstairs by my underwear and put me on the floor. Our parents were away, so he still wouldn't undo my wedgie or untape my hands. Later, my friend came over and did untape my hands and undo my wedgie. We planned to sneak out of the house, but my brother caught us just as we were leaving. He hauled us down to the basement and gave us hanging wedgies on a coatrack. This time, he left us up there until our parents came home. I never tattled on my brother again!
by Klare March 1, 2008
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a wedgie is a classic prank. when a person comes up behind a person wearing tighty whities and pulls up on the elastic as hard as the giver can. wedgies are mainly given to males who wear tighty whites and can be done to wearers of boxers. there are many types of wedgie. when the underwear is pulled over the victims head is called a atomic wedgie. this one is usually done by two people of pulling both sides of the underwear up is called a mervin. when the victim is lifted up by his tighty whities and hung on something high so not touching the ground is called a hanging wedgie. the lifting of the front of the underwear crushing the balls is called a melvin. the action of pulling up on a males jock strap makeing the back strapes go up the butt crak is called a jock wedgie
one day i was changing afetr practice i was the last one. but i was still in my jock strap. one of my teammates gave me a powerful jock wedgie. just casue i beat him in the wrestling tourment.
by craig 159 November 23, 2007
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