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A gorgeous model type girl who will be your true love. All the boys will eventually fall in love with her amazing, funny. She's also The coolest bitch. Shes bad ass as hell. Talk shit expect to get hit. Hot. Pretty. Beautiful. Don't hate. She's nice to everyone. Hates drama. And bitches. She has low tolerance for bull shit, The complete oppostie from a hoe/slut/whore. Get it right.
" Gosh, Emili is so nice."

" Why all these girls hatin'?"

-Wow that Emili is amazing!

-Yeah, she's taken though

-By who?

-By me!
by Anon12330 October 25, 2013
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The plural form of the common name Emily. The ending is like nucleus = nuclei or fungus = fungi.

Emily =Emili
Person: Look its the Emili
Emily 1: Hi
Emily 2: Hello
by technosunshine July 23, 2009
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A name wich means a hot boy/man who is really sexy.
When he gets a girlfriend or wife he tries to treat her as best as he can.A person with this name usually grows big muscles and usually a six pack.
he must be called Emilis look how gorgeous he looks.
by SkyCloud March 26, 2017
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The most sexiest and fittest guy you'll ever see around , he has a daredevil passion but has limits , he wouldn't do anything that's he's not able to , instead he'd make it his goal to achieve that goal and complete it, he's normally very lazy but when he wants to he can be a marathon sprinter , his personality may seem quite bland , but he's shy and normally not open , if you get trusted and he fully opened up for you you'll see the best humour that has a touch of sexuality and weirdness and a very kind and loving guy who's sweet (fun fact every guy named Emilis so far has trained his body to look shredded but not to big at the same time,and became models) If you are ever friends with a Emilis keep that guy for the rest of your life because he'll be successful , and if he's your boyfriend , you are the luckiest girl in the world
That guy ... he's just so .... he's just like a Emilis
by SevenLargeWillies November 12, 2017
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