A gorgeous model type girl who will be your true love. All the boys will eventually fall in love with her amazing, funny. She's also The coolest bitch. Shes bad ass as hell. Talk shit expect to get hit. Hot. Pretty. Beautiful. Don't hate. She's nice to everyone. Hates drama. And bitches. She has low tolerance for bull shit, The complete oppostie from a hoe/slut/whore. Get it right.
" Gosh, Emili is so nice."

" Why all these girls hatin'?"

-Wow that Emili is amazing!

-Yeah, she's taken though

-By who?

-By me!
by Anon12330 October 25, 2013
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She is a bit of a crackhead but is also very funny. She can at sometimes be heartfelt, but most of the time she expresses her emotions through jokes. She is pretty beautiful though will always call herself "ugly". Emili usually likes anime and loves watching it. She's not very PG-13. She can't pick just one gender because they're both so attractive to her and "hot in their own ways" so she is usually bisexual. All in all Emili is a fun person and might get you in trouble, but it's usually worth it.
Person 1:" Omg Emili your hilarious"

Emili:"If only my looks were as good as my humour"
by im a very person so yeah January 28, 2021
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The plural form of the common name Emily. The ending is like nucleus = nuclei or fungus = fungi.

Emily =Emili
Person: Look its the Emili
Emily 1: Hi
Emily 2: Hello
by technosunshine July 23, 2009
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She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is humble, and her laugh is so contagious. She doesn't see much beauty in herself, but you can, definitely. And whenever you critique your looks, she'll say you're the most beautiful person I've met. She is awkward but somehow great at talking to people. A big fangirl, and you'll share that love with her. Keep her close, She deserves you.
You: Look at how ugly I look.
Emilie: STOP IT! You are super gorgeous!
by woopitywoo January 4, 2018
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Emilie is the nicest person you will never meet. She is sexy,intelligent,brave,beautiful she will always put a smile on your face and make you happy when your feeling down she is the best friend/girlfriend/mom/sister you'll ever meet. When you have an Emilie don't let her go
Look at her she's so sexy

She's an Emilie
by Drama girl May 23, 2017
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People called Emilie are so caring and thoughtful when they want to be, although they can have quite an attitude if you get on their bad sides.
Wow, she’s got to be an Emilie
by Uniparkles May 3, 2020
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Emily is the most stunning girl in the world whether she sees it or not. She is social, intelligent, and beautiful. She isn’t fake, and doesn’t talk behind peoples back’s. She has been through many hard times but always wakes up with a smile on her face ready to brighten everyone’s day. Her best friend doesn’t deserve her. No one does. She is the best friend anyone could ask for. If you have an Emily, keep her close to your heart because she is special. She is more special than the sun in the sky, the grass on the ground, the water in the sea, and the birds in the air. Remind yourself daily that whoever is in charge up there was feeling extra generous when they gave you an Emily, because she is a living miracle here on earth. She is the piece that completes your complicated puzzle. Without her the world would stop turning, the sun would stop shining, and the people would stop smiling. And if Emily is your best friend, never let her go because I promise you will never, ever, ever get someone like her. You will never even get someone close. Love your Emily with all of your heart, and when you have no more love left to give, love her some more. She deserves it more than anyone. Don’t take her for granted. Let her know all the time she is beautiful and smart and priceless and that you love her, that you love her more than anything. If you have an Emily in your life, love her. Please.
Person 1: My best friend is Emily.
Person 2: Luckyyyyyy!!
Person 3: I wish I had an Emily.
by änï December 14, 2017
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