Something that someone says to someone else, when they do something bad or stupid
Eg: Mona is better than Yassin
by Anom>nissay April 8, 2019
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A phrase used to describe an accomplishment so insignifican it is virtually equivalent to nothing. Often used by slackers to justify slacking.
My goal was to exercise for an hour, but after 2 minutes on the tread mill I called it quits and ordered a pizza. It's better than nothing.
by GianPaolo August 31, 2011
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this is a term that has been showing up very frequently in the youtube comment section. You can find at least one person saying this under any video on youtube. This is usually said when a video is deemed by the person to be much better than listening to justin bieber's music.
msstacybieber: i hate this video they totes make fun of my precious justin.

neon471: better than bieber

trolldudelololol: PINGAS!!!!
by Michelle Maniac September 9, 2010
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Someone who's not Mr. or Mrs. Right, but is Mr. or Mrs. Right Now. Someone who will do in a pinch until a more suitable person comes along.
"Hey, what do you think of my new girlfriend?"

"Well, she's better than nothing..."
by marydelta November 17, 2011
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Nothing can compare.
So nice of you to try tho :
haha look at those sleezy ass friends of her's.
Yea bitch they're better than your's.
by aprilll April 18, 2008
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A term equally used by men and women to describe an experience so overwhelmingly pleasurable and orgasmic that it surpasses the pleasure of having sex.

Though the term is commonly in reference to a non-sexual experience, it can also imply something of a sexual origin (just not coitus itself).
If someone finds fellatio more pleasurable than coitus, one could say that it was better than sex.
by UwUltimateDoge August 15, 2021
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