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A turd holding apparatus constructed from toilet paper spanning laterally from one side of the toilet bowl to the other. The paper is held in place underneath the weight of the toilet seat, and employs simple suspension bridge technology. The engineer shits in the hammock, making toilet paper reinforcements depending on the consistency of the turd (i.e. moisture, viscosity, and density). When all the stalls in a given bathroom have been successfully hammocked, the facility is known to be in a state of "Caribbean hangout."
Me - -Dude, me and all my boys convened in the bathroom during free period and hammocked. Unfortunately, Jimmy never showed up and we were one short of a "Carribbean hangout."

Friend - How selfish.
by the master builder February 06, 2011
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pronounced: ham-mick

A cradle-shaped net or cloth suspended from two points, designed to hold someone in a different kind of relaxation posture. This free-swinging state is part of a complete summer day's rest scene, along with a strawed, iced drink, a hat, and sunblock.
Lastly, can be made to sound both relaxing and extreme by spelling it as "hammox."

BEWARE: NEVER use a net hammock while fat. The holes will amplify your fat so it disgustingly squeezes through. As if that weren't repulsive enough, you're left with a cross-hatching design on your skin. *shudders*
I laid in the hammock. It was nice.
by Nuclear Tank Tactory March 27, 2009
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The bottom of a bathing suit that sits between a girls hips when she's laying down (likely on a towel at the beach). Girl must have a very flat lower stomach so that the bottom suspends like a hammock over her stomach - supported at the hips.

Generally associated with women that starve themselves, however optly achieved with a good diet, intense workouts, or good family jeans.
- Dude, check out the hammock!

- She must be on that south beach diet!
by Left hand english October 03, 2009
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Adj. To be cool; To relax; To calm down
Synonyms - Chill
Antonyms - To Stress

Common Uses
1. Describing A Situation

2. Describing A Person

3. Describing A Place
1. Mann, tonight? I just want to go out and be hammock.

2. That one chick we met last night that was down, she's hella hammock.

3. Everyone should visit Italy, it's a hammock kick it spot.
by Pa-Donk-A-Donk March 14, 2008
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A large net for catching lazy people.

(per comedian Jim Gaffigan)
They might as well rename it (Hammock) to a large net for catching lazy people.
by floridadude094 April 16, 2009
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A sanitary towel of the super-size variety. Will soak up the contents of a boating lake.
The dirty bitch blocked up the shitter with a fucking hammock
by RockMink November 10, 2004
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the hairs in a male's (hopefully not female's)asshole/crack that create a "hammock" like shape, home of the dingleberries
I just had a poop 30 minutes ago and I couldn't successfully wipe so now the dingleberries are caked and lodged in my hammock!
by thecuzs August 14, 2008
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