Burst of laughter, its easy than ROFLMFAO
DUGTRIO69: I stole her money
DUGTRIO69: Yeah, but then as I was walking back and Tyrone jumped me..and I like men
DUGTIO69: Its nto funny, and they took my iPOD
XCErT TEH GNARLY: not* and macs are teh s uck not shut up and go dancing
DUGTRIO69: :( <~~ PWN3D
by XCErT October 22, 2003
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BOL means Bark Out Loud- dogbook on facebook
I am logging on to dogbook to check the dogtivities of the day!BOL!!!
by brontedoodle February 1, 2010
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'BOL' is an acronym for the phrase 'Bananaing Out Loud'. The term bananaing comes from the root Latin word 'Bwahahaha'. Because this root looks kinda like banana, some genius decided that 'Banana' is way more cool than 'Bwahahaha'. Not to be confused with its more lame sister acronym 'LOL', BOL is commonly thought of as the 'Worlds Most Epic Acronym' and holds 4 spots in the Guinness Book Of World Records, most notably, ‘Word Most Likely To Make Your Brain Asplode
Difference Between 'LOL' and 'BOL'

Person 1: DUDE, OMGLIKEDIDYOUSEE THAT YOUTUBE VIDEO?!!!111one111eleventyone
Person 2: What?

Person 1: Did you see this youtube? *link here*
Person 2: Hahaha nice, BOL
Person 1: *Brain Asplode*
by Someone On Fire August 14, 2007
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Short for "blown out labia". A labia that has seen more miles on it than a Greyhound bus. It pronounced like a cereal "bowl".
Have you seen her BOL?? It looks worse than an old catchers mitt!
by NOTMABIRFDAY February 18, 2010
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Stands for 'bursting out laughing'.
Person 1: -says something hilarious-
Person 2: BOL!
by Sabbeh April 9, 2009
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Books On Line - an acronym for people who are lazy when they type.
17:31 _mental: you're testing our patience
17:31 _mental: by not using BOL
by atomi April 16, 2005
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