Jenny couldn't help herself so she BOL
by D3rko November 13, 2008
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guy: I think I'm ready to settle down now....my next lady I promise to put in a 100% cuz I'm usually at 50 %...and be honest and treat her the way I wanna be treated.

friend: b. o. l. !!! bunch of lies
by sSimPle PleaSuresS May 03, 2011
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stands for bruh out loud
saying lol:

using bol:

bol, my dog just got hitr by some bald guy with a beard in a truck going 70mph.
by Otaky April 11, 2019
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BOL means "Black Out Lexi", referring to the moment wherein any girl named Lexi, Alexandra, Alexis within the premises is too intoxicated to define the term "BOL"
yo bro, Lexi's bout to be "BOL" in a few, she's rippin' that Strawberry Smirnoff...
by Lexicus Magnificus October 15, 2011
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The bol on your favourite pipe or bong.

"jesus fuck that's a huge bol- you're going to be handicapped."
by ALNS08 February 25, 2008
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(Bent Over Laughing) Used when you aren't quite ROTFLing, or it's just too disgusting to literally Roll On To The Floor Laughing.
Person 1: You're mama is so fat when she jumped on the scale it said her phone number
Person 2: BOL
by Kyashidi April 03, 2011
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