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1. (n) an idea which asserts that atypical (neurodivergent) neurological development is a normal human difference that is to be recognized and respected as any other human variation; The concept of there being a diversity in neurology of humans just as there is a diversity of other traits.

2. (n) A movement in the advocacy community believing that Autism (and sometimes other Neurological Conditions) should have its positive attributes embraced, and affirms the inherent worth of all Autistics as human beings.
1. The Neurodiversity in my family is vast, from my grandmother's Autism to my mother's Narcolepsy to my brother's ADHD.

2. Jim Sinclair, Ari Ne'eman, and Amanda Baggs are well known advocates in the Neurodiversity movement.
by nicocoer August 12, 2009
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Originally a movement intended to treat people with mental disabilities more humanely and recognize their strengths, it has become big business. Many self-diagnosed neurodiversity advocates online now like to talk about how autism should never be cured, not even for low-functioning autistics. They charge high speaking fees and sell bestselling books, or start charities which only benefit themselves.
Neurodiversity advocate: Einstein was definitely autistic (even though he was highly extroverted), which means that we should never cure autism or give autistics support, not even low-functioning autistics! If you want to know of a better way to support autistics, have me speak for only $5000!
by questionmaster May 12, 2016
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