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If you ever dare use it as an insult, I will find you, kill you and feed your organs to furious wolves.
The person writing this is autistic. pls don’t hate or d e a d
by CyberCookie March 22, 2020

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A god tier game that combined tower defense games and battle games. It has over 40M downloads and the best part is it’s free to play! Pay to win aside, please download it, it’s amazing! Also, don’t underestimate the cyclones. They’re very hard. Anyhoo, your fighting with cats and fighting’s gorillas, dogs, snakes, and oh god, so many animals! And a giant floating head! oH LaWd!!!1!1!1!1
jaden: hey bud, let’s play the battle cats together!
me: ok pal, :D
Jaden: *immediatly sends out manic mowhawk*
Me: 0-0
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by CyberCookie February 10, 2020

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If you never played it before in your childhood, either you’re very poor or you’re a dirty filthy liar.
Bae: come over
Me: I can’t, im busy
Bae: I’m playing wii sports
Me: S P E E D
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by CyberCookie March 02, 2020

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