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A chill girl who couldn't care less about what others think about her. She has many friends, but only a few best friends. She can crack a joke and get high grades all at the same time. Her inability to sit still in class proves her athleticism. Her eyes light up at multiple topics and her smile can brighten the day. She is scared of quite a few things, but will always face them to prove someone wrong. She is stubborn like crazy and will fight until she wins. Watching her is like watching a ray of sunshine and being with her is like a breath of fresh air. She is beautiful, but doesn't know it. Seeing her get lost in something is intriguing and she is kind of a nerd. This girl is sassy and won't let anybody tell her that she is any less than what God made her. She exudes confidence and is always kind no matter how much she says she hates everyone, she is lying. She has a big loving heart and will always stand up for what is right. If you find one, hold one her.
She is such a Riley
by Mrs. Chester Bennington February 16, 2015
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A girl who can be sweet either extremely bold with her friends or shy when around her crush. Dont push her around. Shes braver than you think. Get to know her shes kinda awesome. She has a huge heart and a vivid and wild imagination. Usually brunette or blond. Irish name. You meet her be her friend. People she adores bring out the best in her. She may be extremely pretty but thinks she is ugly. Tell her the truth and be real around her. Shes awesome. She is special.
guy #1: hey is that Riley?
guy #2: no way i havent seen her in forever
guy #3: wow shes really pretty
guy #2: i wonder if she remembers me
by Farblowfriends December 22, 2012
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Well.... Riley is all round goofy. Riley is very hot and will do anything to make you smile and laugh. He seems nerdy until you get to know him... he's still kinda nerdy. But he's just amazing and a great friend.
Oh you know Riley... Ya the goofy guy over there... I mean he's pretty hot too.
by Awesomeness552 November 23, 2016
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A girl usually beautiful and with a great smile. She will have a wonderful personality no matter her looks. She is smart and loving if you get a chance to be with a Riley don’t let her go.
Riley is beautiful, you will love her.
by Riley the beautiful February 17, 2018
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Normally outgoing, a gorgeous, smilling girl who will be there for you through think and thin untill you show her a reason not to be. Riley's are normally the jealous type and very competitive. She has a nice body and gets distracted easily. But they're always fun to be with. You can trust this girl with anything and she will never tell a soul.. even she hates your guts. She can be smart if she tries to be. Oh, and If you get a Riley to yourself.. you're in for a treat ;)
"I wish I had a Riley..."
by Annon26 December 09, 2012
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One of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. He'll always listen to your problems if you're close with him, and will do anything for you. He can have a temper at times if people give him too much bullshit. It takes him time to get over someone, and he tends to fall back into the same trap of a girl if they are on and off. Also very witty and funny, one of the best people ever. His eyes are amazing and you could look at them the whole day. That and his personality combined makes girls like him or fall in love with him all the time. He's talented and plays some instrument. Puts his friends first.
Riley is so sweet..I would be so lucky to go out with him.
by hullo dare <(o_o)> September 23, 2012
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one huge as nigga most commonly known for his memes and wearing a Russian hat around school. Riley is far superior than the low life people he has to deal with every day. Riley once destroyed an entire colony of thots with a single nut which fired from his glock 19 a.k.a the big juicy meme. He is also one of Jupiters missing moon with a gravitational pull which is five stronger than earths meaning if you come with in 1 kilometre of him you will begin to slowly feel your skin be pulled from your body, Riley is strong enough to defeat Thanos even with the infinity gauntlet.
Person 1: Hey did you see Riley the other day?
Person 2: no but I certainly felt him.
by Riley's lover xx June 16, 2018
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