Back in WW2 Alan Turing was the man who broke enigma, which are encrypted codes designed by Germany. Breaking enigma aided the allies drastically enabling them to win the war as well as end it much earlier saving about 14 million lives. Sadly he had allegations filed against him for homosexuality, resulting in chemical castration performed on him finally leading to his suicide in 1954 June 7. Aside from that, he helped the development of computers and other technologies. But most notably Alan Turing is the sole reason we do not live in an authoritarian society ruled by nazis today. Unfortunately most Americans & British people do not give a shit about his contributions since he was homosexual and so Alan Turing is not commemorated much
Person A: damn I just found out about Alan Turing, he helped shape our society so much!
Person B: well he was homosexual so...
Person A:... he saved your life
by mynameisirrevelant February 21, 2020
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On July 9th 1941, Alan Turing and his team cracked the the German Enigma code. This reduced the possibility of the war lasting a further 2 to 4 years. However, this war hero was later sentenced and charged with "indecency" on March 31st, 1952. He chose to undergo hormonal physical changes, also referred to as Chemical Castration, instead of imprisonment. The course lasted 1 Year and ended in 1953.
On the 7th June 1954, Alan Turing died and was found by his house keeper, the cause of death was Cyanide Poisoning. This is where wide-spread controversy comes in. People claim he killed himself due to his hormonal therapy, but he finished this over a year ago. It is also said that Turing had reportedly 'Borne' his treatment and legal setbacks and shown no signs of despondency prior to his left no suicide note. Others claim it was accidental. He was carrying out an experiment where he was using Cyanide. In the autopsy, findings were more consistent with inhalation rather than ingestion. He was also known to eat an apple before bed and leave it half eaten on some occasions, him being found dead being on of the times it was left half eaten. So, he could've ingested some, but he had more intake via inhalation to the point where it became fatal.

However, his legacy continues even now and each day we use what he helped develop and that is a 'Computer' Turing helped lay the groundwork for modern computing and artificial intelligence, these are also known as 'Turing Machines'.
Person A: Wow! It was amazing how we were able to win so many battles, we had great, strong armies!

Person B: Yes, but did you know none of that would've been possible without a man named Alan Turing cracking the German Enigma Code?

Person A: Who?
Person B: Are you paying attention? Good. If you are not listening carefully, you will miss things.
by Wiccan June 6, 2021
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