Alvin is a really cool guy with a nice body and all the girls like him.
Oh he is so hot he must be a Alvin.
by Fiemmannen December 13, 2016
A verry handsome young boy who likes girls with curly hair and treats girls the best he is very good at fighting and at sex he treats girls the best and is very loyal
Woahhh i want my boyfriend to be an alvin
by 🔪💸💯A1🔪💸💯 October 21, 2020
An anime trap that ate so many potatoes that he became the only potato farmer that was a match for Matthew
Dude look a Matthew

No dude can’t you tell it’s an Alvin
by efniejfkwhflwjfpwkfajl294(!1$9 November 4, 2019
Alvin is an amazing, funny, smart, caring person who loves to make others smile. He loves his friends with all of his heart and is protective of them, so don’t cross Alvin. He has a temper and is a bit crazy in a good way. He loves his surroundings and is super cute.
Girl - OMG i wish i knew him
Other girl - i do, Alvin’s amazing
by og chips March 29, 2022
A boy with a good heart who can be loved. But to do more than friendship is difficult. Losing him hurts for months. So take care of him.
Girl: I miss Alvin
by Annahabeg November 23, 2021
A diffrent breed boy with a small dick that wont admit it.
Someone: How big is you d

Alvin: 6 inches ;)
Someone: Thats c-a-p cap!
by Aestheticdaddy October 18, 2021
Alvin is definitely a very romantic and special guy, certainly someone you want to have in your life. He is very loyal and caring and loves to give and receive presents and enjoys quality time with his loving ones, but if you do something he doesn't like, no matter if it is on purpose or not, he won't be the same person ever again with you. His insecurities will make him think the worst of you and will use your vulnerability against you just to take control of the situation, especially because he constantly needs social validation to feel right. As a boyfriend, he is very special but also jealous and trusts his friends more than his partner, so he will first believe what they say instead of listening to you. This will make him act in manipulative ways with you to have control over people and situations and feel safe. If you're lucky and can keep him on your side, he'll definitely make your life stunning so make his life stunning as well. But remember, he's a double-edge sword, so love him a lot but be always careful. Get to know him first.
Alvin is your type of guy
by Control guy November 22, 2021