a man with a very dark complexion. 'Absolute Black'
That Alvin guy looks good with his white suit.
by Edward Cirle June 15, 2021
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Look it's Alvin Lin it's burrowing into the ground running away from all it's issues.
by Truth teller 2002 July 24, 2021
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Two romantic love birds who are head over hills for each other and involve themselves with crazy teen romance like Romeo and juliet
by Sherryl the Real September 30, 2022
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"Do you know Alvin Smith, the black monkey who runs around grocery stores eating banana's? Yeah he's a FUCKING nigger."
by DimmyJonaldsson June 21, 2023
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alvin getting a blowjob by brittany in the bathrom
alvin alvin blowjob
by doufingor August 22, 2022
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