A anime character that looks like a girl but is actually a boy.
Dude: You know Vi?
Dude 2: The girl with cat ears?
Dude: Yeah.
Dude 2: What about her?
Dude: I uh... tried to uh “fun” with her and it turns out she’s a anime trap.
Dude 2: No way!
by BRWBY November 27, 2017
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Both parties (this can be a male and a female or two males) are unclothed – barring the shoes still worn by one of/the male.

The female or 2nd male has his head buried in the corner of sofa, the male/1st male puts his shoed foot on the neck of this party and enters “through the back door”, whilst the “trapped” party screams, with pain.
“I was smashing some onion in the other day and I thought, “hey, lets give this bitch the trapped animal – She squealed like a pig”

by Paddy_T-Bag March 15, 2007
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