any male youger than you
yo young boy where my money at
by Philly_lima October 08, 2003
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When two (or more) boys sit in a room for hours, the smell of sweat and farts can be defined as a "Young Boy"-smell.
"Oh man I just drove from Norway to Germany with my buddy, the car really smells like young boy right now"
by hnnnnnnnnng May 12, 2016
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a person or persons who walk around like they are the shit aka eli
"flexes arms and walk through the halls"
Owen-Eli you must be a young boy fan
by New Richmond HS October 16, 2020
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old boy In Kempston, just as people say 'old man' as a term for their father, we also use 'old boy' to refer to our elder brothers. In the same way, 'young old boy' is used to refer to our younger brothers. This appears to be contained within Kempston and is dying out.

Half-brothers and step-borthers are also sometimes described in this way.

It is mostly only used in the genetic sense but is seldom used in terms of emotional bonds.
Person A: Aren't you somebody's little brother?
(person's B's response here)
Kempstonian person: Yeh, they're my young old boy.
by Walking Talking Dictionary August 10, 2006
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1.) a way to express approval of something that someone just did, but only if your either retarted or a hillbilly or jus don't fuckin know whether the "do-gooder" is a dude or a lady

2.) also used as a sarcastic insult if someone fucks something up

phrase is similar to: good job young man or thatta girl
1.)*man helps elderly woman cross the street*
retarted hillbilly-"Thatta boy young lady!"
guy-"wtf is wrong with u, fuck off weirdo!"
retarted hillbilly-"thatta boy young lady !"
guy-"fuckin dumbass" *sighs and walks off*

2.)*girl slips on pencil and falls on her ass*
sarcastic asshole(me)-"Thatta boy young lady!"
girl-"fuck u ass hole!" *angry face*
me-"oops wrong time of the month" *walks away repeatedly looking back over shoulder*
by Jaysus lawd March 17, 2009
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