any male youger than you
yo young boy where my money at
by Philly_lima October 8, 2003
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someone who is less than 27 and is a troublemaker, mostly a guy
by TokenIranian July 8, 2015
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When two (or more) boys sit in a room for hours, the smell of sweat and farts can be defined as a "Young Boy"-smell.
"Oh man I just drove from Norway to Germany with my buddy, the car really smells like young boy right now"
by hnnnnnnnnng May 12, 2016
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a person or persons who walk around like they are the shit aka eli
"flexes arms and walk through the halls"
Owen-Eli you must be a young boy fan
by New Richmond HS October 16, 2020
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A complete dumb ass that eats young boys dick and balls for every meal of the day
A nba young boy fan walked past me today and he smelled like gorilla badussy
by Mf who spits fax May 25, 2022
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