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a very sensitive person who is fun to hang around with and is not very talkative and tries to be a thug when he can
hey alvin wanna go to the movies yeah after i go bust a lick
by Nyteria February 23, 2004
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Obvs, Alvin is that guy, THE GUY. A natural friend who can make u laugh or if your an opp, in beef he is a crucial participants for his team as he get busy with his rambizzy.

On the eventual side, Alvin is known for being good with girls (for his big cocky) and therefore recieves a lot of rates.

Also a person with the name Alvin is generally spectacular at sports and is very fast in running and has abs and biceps to prove his strengths. Main sports that Alvin plays, consists of Football (Soccer) and Basketball.
Lastly a person with the name Alvin is good at spitting--bars. His rhythmic flow cannot be matched amongst his peers and is quiet but lethal in the peptic structure of his rhymes.

If u ever meet a an Alvin, cherish him as he likes to keep his cirlce small.
Girl: Wow that guy is talented and probably would duck me down!!!
Another Girl: Yeah, he must be an Alvin!
by Nizz Block Boy February 26, 2018
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Whether it be masturbating, having sex, etc., right before you reach climax, you scream at the top of your lungs, “AALLLLLVVIIIINNNN!!!!” (Inspired by the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks)
by ALVIN!!!!! November 16, 2017
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cool, strong, handsome, rich, super smart, has swagg, owns many cars and is asian. ( usually chinese )
Shaniqua : DAYUMMMMMMMM; that boys the sex!
Lillian : i know! i wanna piece of that!

Shaniqua : yeah, he MUST be an alvin.
by StaceyScribblez June 29, 2009
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Alvin, a name for a nigga who is the shit. With a very large penis.
Damn Alvin is that nigga.
by Wow313 January 08, 2017
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A dude with an abnormally huge ego, has got swagg, plays lotta video games, great in bed and knows lyrics to almost every song ;likable by most lesbians! And addicted to social media! Other dudes can't stand him for long
Girl: I miss you alvin

Alvin: Well, i miss me too
Dude, shut up Alvin! We wanna listen to the song not your shit voice man!
by AlvinAlsace April 29, 2016
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