Let's just say, Alvin is very...interesting.
Many times, You will catch him staring deep into the mirror, admiring his hair, or examining his face. Alvin also has a strange obsession with things that aren't necessarily his. Alvin is also very tall.
"Have you seen my mirror?"

"Alvin has it again."
by ghiblifan March 11, 2022
Alvin is very... interesting.
Alvin can be caught gazing at himself in the mirror many times a day. He needs everything to be perfect, and smell good. Aside from that, he can be very intelligent at times. But mainly, he needs to get his face out of the mirror and into the real world.
"Have you seen my mirror?"

"Alvin has it again."
by ghiblifan March 11, 2022
A penis loving alpha male who is typically found battling the Gemma he has a massive hog but looks like he just prank called his own phone he’s a lard ass but is an absolute beast.
Girl a :Alvin is fat as shit

Girl b :yeah he just sucked off my brother for a finger board
by Penisendulger420 November 26, 2021
alvin is a cool friend to have always have ur back n he funny but he teally chill most of the times n he a lil antisocial n u should text him n he would be the best
do u know alvin

yea thts my friend

how is he

he really nonchalant n funny
by read please buh June 22, 2021
Alvin is really cool guy really knows how to make a playstation party burst out laughing and if you have a Alvin in your class or life make sure to talk them because Alvins usaly are going through stuff
Alvin is realy special in a way he can any body laugh
by April 24, 2022
The best being to ever walk this earth.
A god amongst men.

The hottest man to ever exist.
Alvin is so fucking hot.
by alvinalthebest September 19, 2022