An Alvin is very short. Usually mean towards everyone, specifically tall people because they're jealous of their height. Alvins lie a lot and deny the most obvious things (Denying the fact that they're short). They're also bullies. If you know an Alvin go and tell him that he's short and mean!
Girl 1: Do you know that new kid Alvin?
Girl 2: Oh yeah I heard he's short and mean...
Girl 1: I heard he punched someone!!
by fkenfklnerklllllllllf November 24, 2021
horrible horrible person. omega. lower than omega. even worse. yes. okay.
Girl 1: Do you know Alvin?
Girl 2: yeah he's such a omega
by fkenfklnerklllllllllf September 9, 2021
the guy I met in 2020 and became the person I love since then, who until now could not be mine. many are telling me to quit but I can't, I know he will never love me back but I'm so hard to forget him. I hope someday you can be mine even though I realize I'm not your type. written by nefira in 2021
by nifa November 24, 2021
a man with a very dark complexion. 'Absolute Black'
That Alvin guy looks good with his white suit.
by Edward Cirle June 15, 2021
man eats too much kfc what a fat ass prick this is why he gets no bitches alvin likes anissa
by anissa’s mum December 31, 2022
1.MLG Guy
2.Playing Most Roblox
3.German Turkish Guy
5.Youtuber With MLG
9.Awesome Guy
Alvin Thug Life
by Robloxalvin4KHD January 3, 2017
You are amazing at Warzone. You never have shit stains in your drawers. You’re either slim and fit or morbidly obese. Your musically inclined. You are most likely the hottest guy in the room but also the biggest guy in the room.
Time to hop on the game, we need an Alvin
by ShortStrokes_LongLasting November 24, 2021