Depending on the inflection of your voice, or the actual event described, the slang term "How Fun" maintains two polar opposite meanings. The object of conversation may have been or will be really fun. If there is a hint of sarcasm in the voice or if the event is known to be generally dull, such as: I stayed at home all day and did laundry, "How Fun" would mean "bummer" or "how boring".
I went to Paris and then London to shop. How Fun!
I cleaned the garbage cans today. How fun.
by KurtVB September 16, 2015
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This is something either old schoolteachers or prententious slappers use. To be fair, not everyone who uses this phrase is either or, but sadly most of the time this is said with a certain intonation to show false delight in activity, etc that the other speaker may have just named...basically a more subtle way of saying "oh the things you get up to are so quaint and CUTE!!!"
Person 1: "How was your weekend, sweetie?"
Person 2: "Well mainly I just stayed home, though I went paintballing with my friend one day."
Person 1: "Oh how fun!!!!!"
by Lis November 24, 2004
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