"Hey, he is verry attractive." stated indie girl to number one best friend.

(giggle, giggle)
by mmmhmm98748 May 11, 2007
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A caring, strong, cute, elegant but sometimes can be very confusing person. They could either be your greatest weapon or your greatest enemy. But don't be fooled by their strong side, she is a real baby vixen on the inside. They'll steal your heart and run away with it and they know you'll never find anyone better than them. If you have ever stumbled across a Verris, keep her sealed in a treasure box as she's gonna be the best thing to ever grace your presence.
"bro I just met this amazing girl but she seems very unapproachable"
"That's very verris of them"
by JaxJokes November 22, 2021
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Busting ass continually at work in the privacy of one's own cubicle. Unfortunately for all around they can hear every note of flatulence and every rancid, acrid and pungent odor your rotting intestines can produce.
Heather: "Damn it really stinks. What in the fuck is that?"

Steven: "Yeah, it smells shitty, I think Jay pulled a verry!"

Heather: "That shit smells like eggs and asshole."
by Mike W M. July 8, 2008
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