One of the best girls a man can meet. She's a bit shy and awkward but that's the charm of her. She's also beautiful, and could be considered a stunner. She knows how to bring anyones mood up, and can stand up for herself. She is not without flaws though, like everyone, but the things that make her great far out-weigh the very few cons there are. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with one, you are very lucky. She is a great listener and remembers every word you say, and can also tell you facts about you you may not even know. She is generally a very open person, but some facts are kept for the very important people in her life. All in all, if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself with a Gemma, don't ever let go of it.
Person 1: "That person remembers everything about me..."
Person 2: "You're lucky man, it must be a Gemma"
Gemma is an aesthetic queen, who is never underdressed and has a great sense of style. She is very charismatic and stunning; she could pull anyone. Gemma laughs at almost anything and has a good sense of humour
I really want to be friends with Gemma, she is so stylish and funny!
by iidennisbaby December 13, 2020
is Italian and means a beutiful precious stone
that is a gemma
by Mickybaby August 1, 2008
More mythical creature than human being, a Gemma is known for her hypnotic eyes and incredible patience when interacting with lower life forms.
Person 1: Hey, I heard that staring deeply into Gemma's eyes will bring good luck! Maybe even inspiration!

Person 2: Nope. I know several guys who tried that and nothing happened, they just pissed her off.
by MercurialSam48 June 14, 2022
Gorgeous Brunette with amazing eyes. Skinny with great style. Cute nose. FUN. funny, jokey.
That girl was so funny and very beautiful last night, She must be a GEMMA.
by The deciples. June 6, 2011
A beautiful girl loveing careing and all over perfect a loveable girl tht would never lie nor tell secrets basically a angle
by Pansda April 8, 2017