When a woman, especially your significant other, is dissing, laying the truth or down right being a savage and you agree with their statements.

Preaching to the choir. Making a proclamation that is resounding
Dat hoe is straight trippin'. Sally ain't got shit on me. Gurl..YOU TELL IT!
by hollagoose February 7, 2017
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The definition of let you tell it is another way of saying someone is lying or exaggerating the truth of a subject matter
Let you tell it you are the man the block, Let you tell it you are dating the sexiest women in town, Let you tell it your a wall street stock broker.
by kutinboss April 14, 2016
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Facebook status: Carla misses the sun :-( and noticed how pale everyone looks in England today.

Friend's reply: you tell me! I think i'm gonna get some tropical sunshine in Florianopolis next month.
by Mr. Andrews McCurdle January 12, 2010
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When one person fabricates a Story/Situation to the point where it seems ideal, while another person's telling of the events is, more times than not, more truthful and defamatory.
Ex. Group of guys walk away from two girls.
Girl A: Ugh they were so gross, you could tell they only wanted a Cheap Hook-up.
Girl B: I dunno.. they seemed kinda sweet to me, I Think they were being really classy..
Girl A: Hm.... Let you tell it.
by Ya-Moms-Wife May 24, 2018
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IN BRIEF: "If I let you decide/have your say or exercise influence/inspiration."

The person saying it is usually in total disagreement with the other person or believes the other person is just full of idle talk.
WOMAN: You know what you doing is a bunch of BS, right.
MAN: To let you tell it.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant July 22, 2010
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I could scarcely bear the thought of inhabiting the same universe as you.
Pottsy says:
what happened last weekend?
Ed says:
You tell me
by Lord Kimber February 27, 2007
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The phrase "You tell em" is one of many sarcastic remarks which can be used to abruptly end a conversation. If you do not feel like responding to a certain person or your laughing at a complete idiot/moron/goon throwing out a "You tell em" will shut them up or induce a very interesting response.
Complete Idiot with glasses- "Actually Mr. Peeeeuuuurrrrd, I ate 7 apples for breakfast, not 6."

You- "ay you tell em pal"

A moron is walking in the hallway talking to his friend who is even more of a goon.

You- Point and say the famous catchphrase "You tell em" Then walk away.
by Steve Santang April 14, 2009
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