i hate a nonchalant nigga , i neeeeeed a “GINA GINA GINA , okay baby you won” ass nigga
by isaiahsfemale November 24, 2019
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Seeming indifferent or uninterested, often associated with an unnatural calm and relaxed nature in an otherwise tense situation.
If you watch anime, Saitama from ONE PUNCH MAN is the epitome of a nonchalant personality when he's shown with his animated face.

He just ended his relationship of 3 years, yet he's so nonchalant about it.
by Someone out in the big world October 15, 2017
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Seeming to be coolly unconcerned or indifferent.

-- its ALL good. no drama.none of that.
he broke up with me but im nonchalant.
by drill May 19, 2005
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Uncaring; Not To Enthusiastic, Angry or Annoyed By Things Going on; Calm
The Other Night Some Guy Tried To Get In A Fight With me, He Didn't Realize Me Being Nonchalant Made it Easier For Me To Beat Him
by Jason Timber February 09, 2005
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a word a non-english-speaking -person casually uses when conversing with a english-only-speaking-person to demonstrate their proficiency of the English language.
English-only-speaking-person: where you stressed when you had to move halfway around the world, to a country that only speaks English?
Non-English-speaking-person: To be honest, I was quite nonchalant about the whole process, I try not to stress too much.
English-only-speaking-person: wow, for an Italian, your English is so good! You're using words like nonchalant and everything!
Non-English-speaking-person: Well, nonchalant is actually french...which is one of the 5 languages I speak.
English-only-speaking-person. well shit...
by ccamp54 June 21, 2020
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