When he told me i failed the class, I was nonchalant.
by Well Shit November 10, 2014
i hate a nonchalant nigga , i neeeeeed a “GINA GINA GINA , okay baby you won” ass nigga
by isaiahsfemale November 24, 2019
Seeming indifferent or uninterested, often associated with an unnatural calm and relaxed nature in an otherwise tense situation.
If you watch anime, Saitama from ONE PUNCH MAN is the epitome of a nonchalant personality when he's shown with his animated face.

He just ended his relationship of 3 years, yet he's so nonchalant about it.
by Someone out in the big world October 15, 2017
Seeming to be coolly unconcerned or indifferent.

-- its ALL good. no drama.none of that.
he broke up with me but im nonchalant.
by drill May 19, 2005
nonchalant means you don’t gaf what anyone say nn u jus vibin fr 💯💯💯
them: “you good ?” me:”yea” them: “ you acting nonchalant rn” me: “na i’m jus chillin!” them “ oh okay”
by nonchalant.bihhh June 12, 2022
Uncaring; Not To Enthusiastic, Angry or Annoyed By Things Going on; Calm
The Other Night Some Guy Tried To Get In A Fight With me, He Didn't Realize Me Being Nonchalant Made it Easier For Me To Beat Him
by Jason Timber February 10, 2005
to act as if you are humping something, humps a lot
Please stop nonchalanting that dog.
by what the heck72 June 17, 2010