Heaven is a girl that nobody can really define. She is a beautiful, goofy, smart, loyal, outgoing girl, but shy at first. She avoids love, making her biggest fear rejection, but in all reality, would really love to have a boyfriend. She’s keeps a small friend group of pure crackheads, the people that make her who she is. More than anything, she loves food, preferably junk food, but literally doesn’t gain any weight from it. She tends to think she’s doing things wrong all the time, but really isn’t. She can’t help but be perfect. Heaven is one of a kind.
You won’t regret being friends with Heaven.
by l.f.e October 27, 2019
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She's sexy, loves her friends ,a wonderful girlfriend ,but kinda shy.she doesn't like to stay in her house all day she likes to do fun stuff . she's kinda lazy,and likes to watch TV and cuddle, she love to long board .she's funny,smart,a good friend ,she has a bubble butt . and is a great singer and dancer!!
I love Heaven
by invasion February 21, 2015
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The name Heaven is sweet,they can help you when you need it.Guys go insane around her.There nice,caring,and very trustworthy. Heavens aren't that athletic,but if they are,watch out!Heavens are beautiful even though they think there not.Girls get jealous because, Heaven is so cool.They make great friends,and are always there for you.Dont ignore a Heaven,they'll bother you until you talk to them.
by byrdjulia December 22, 2016
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The most beautiful girl in the world the one that can make u smile at any time the one one understands u and will always be there for u and is mine 💜❤
by Her zayah October 24, 2019
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Doesn't always live up to the name. . .not an angel.
That girl should be named Heaven she just amazing.
by sHoRe1993 February 14, 2010
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Someone who is crazy in every way loves attention. Heaven is another word for Godus she's one of a kind of you ever meet a heaven make sure you keep her she loves her friends and loves her family Heaven would do anything for her loved ones even if that means hurting somebody else. very sweet untill you push her buttons and when you push her buttons you better run heaven is an amazing friend but only to those she trust to her self don't let her fool you with her beauty and her perfect smile she is shy at first but when you get to know a heaven she is the life of the party she loves to make people laugh everyone comes before her and heaven is a loyal person also honest and she had a high sex drive that's the way she will always be if you get a heaven keep her crazy ass.!!
Heaven is an amazing person.

If you meet a Heaven you better keep her!
by Doggylover5009 March 13, 2017
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A beautiful young lady/women who sustains outer beauty but inner beauty as well. ‘ Heaven ‘ is very ambitious and has goals that she intends on meeting. This young lady/women in 1 in a million💯.
“ My amazing friend, nuturer, advice giver, backbone, support system ‘ Heaven ‘.
by Vanreenan January 20, 2019
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