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Someone who is crazy in every way loves attention Heaven is another word for Godus she's one of a kind of you ever meet a heaven make sure you keep her she loves her friends an loves her family Heaven would do anything for her lived one even if that means taking her own life heaven is kind an very sweet untill you push her buttons an when you push her buttons you better run heaven is an amazing singer but most of the time only sings to her self don't let her fool you with her beauty an her perfect smile she is shy at first but when you get to know a heaven she is the life of the party she loves to dance an make people laugh everyone comes before her an heaven is a loyal person also honest an she had a high sex drive that's the way she will always be if you get a heaven keep her crazy ass.!!
Heaven is a sweet person but is very shy but loved attention
by Handful December 20, 2016
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An eternal home where Christians are at home with Jesus, who boldly claims that "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"โ€”a statement that angers Muslims who believe that Prophet Mohammed is the only way to Allah.
Jesus told his disciples before his death and resurrection that heaven is where he was heading to, and that they could be there too, if they abide in Him and He in them.
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by MathPlus May 15, 2017
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The most beautiful girl you could meet . Sweet , caring , funny , loud , smart , slow , one of the greatest person you could ever meet , she's loyal, shows emotion, acts like she doesn't care because inside she's hurting .
damn heaven seems happy that they broke up.
by Mistake January 26, 2017
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She's sexy, loves her friends ,a wonderful girlfriend ,but kinda shy.she doesn't like to stay in her house all day she likes to do fun stuff . she's kinda lazy,and likes to watch TV and cuddle, she love to long board .she's funny,smart,a good friend ,she has a bubble butt . and is a great singer and dancer!!
I love Heaven
by invasion February 21, 2015
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Doesn't always live up to the name. . .not an angel.
That girl should be named Heaven she just amazing.
by sHoRe1993 February 13, 2010
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A place that seems to get further and further away as humans' scientific knowledge improves.
About 100 years ago, Heaven was right above our heads. Then, when we started flying airplanes, it wasn't there, so it was moved right above the atmosphere. Finally, when we sent people into outer space and to the moon, it wasn't there either, so now Heaven is way past Pluto somewhere.
by star8706 November 07, 2003
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