Heavenly is a wonderful girl. She’s might be mean but she’s one of the most beautiful girls in your school. She’s usually had brown hair. She’s smart pretty funny and amazing to be around. She has a smile you can die for. She is really good at any sport. She’s is loyal in any relationship. She might be shy at first but usually when she warms up she’s fun to hang around. So if you have a heavenly in your life treat her right and never let her go because she’s rear.
Heavenly is a amazing wonderful girl
by Cloe Bernett October 28, 2018
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heavenly is a person that will keep us secret safe with them no natter how private the promise is and she will always say i LOVE YOU all the time and never lie to you so I suggest if u have a heavenly DONT LET HER GO OR U WILLL REGRET IT !! Her eyes are plain brown but they have a beautiful sparkle in them that you can see when u stare deep in them and her smile will make u smile if u are sad ;)
She is the most bestest friend u can ever have and she is beautiful, gorgeous, pretty,cute, funny, and cringy sometimes 😂😍 but she is awesome just the way she is !
HEAVENLY: I love you
me: I love you more
HEAVENLY: that's not possible Bff
by Abby's post December 5, 2018
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Thicc,funny, smart,nice and can be slow sometimes.She's is very outgoing and loyal and loves Netflix, adorable and loves to dance. Usually is short lightskin long hair beutiful eyes and flexible.Heavenly is athletic and you shouldn't let her go. Don't let her name fool you she's a bad ass and had been thru shit nobody will understand, she makes hella mistakes and has a hard time trusting people. but,never let her go She has a big heart and if you let her go you must be dumb asf
#Heavenly #Thicc #funny #slow #one of a kind #slow
by Yuutffyctijom December 22, 2018
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A cute young woman u don't want to lose herloyalreal amazing kind.moody at times but nice a leader funny goofy u love to be around her smart have often have curly hair realllly pretty powerfulin a relationship.smile all the times will make you happy different unique and everything u could thing of and generous confident.
U are the cutest heavenly i ever seen.
by Everything heavenly November 15, 2018
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A french metal band that kicks the pure shit out of any and every metal group out there. Unfortunatly they're not as popular as they should be, but still have a decent number of fans.
Me: Hey did you listen to heavenly's new album?
Friend: *listening to metalica* wha? Who the hell are they?
Me: Figures >__>
by Punkdood May 10, 2007
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Heavenlys can be very bitchy at points and can sometimes be annoying and 10% of the time she is nice and she likes someone but can’t admit it, She listen’s to sad music because she likes to pretend she’s depressed but really she’s not. Heavenly’s are smart, pretty enough, but sometimes they act really stoopid and dumb but it’s okay cause we love them.If you ever find a heavenly keep them cause they’re dumb but nice when they want too (:
girl #1:Look at that girl
girl #2:What’s her name?
girl #1:Her name is Heavenly, They say she’s nice sometimes

girl #2:Oh wow
by JoeMamaLOL November 2, 2019
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Something or someone is dreamy and belongs in heaven. Its deep or tight, and everyone likes it. used to describe people or different objects or experiences. In terms of people it could describe how beautiful they are.
Molly Wirth is the most heavenly person in the world, and every moment i spend with her is heavenly!!!!
by eye<3m011y July 11, 2009
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