Has natural beauty, doesn’t get involved in drama or clout chase. She always sticks to herself and has a strong hold for her beliefs. She’s just straight up alias and her vibe is different. That’s why she doesn’t have friends because she’s too golden.
“She’s a pretty girl, she always minds her business and does her own thing. that’s soo attractive.”
by baddie of the baddest July 12, 2021
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A very attractive girl, often found at Keg Parties, that all males cannot help but hit on because of her immense beauty. Often is under ridicule from a nearby Dirty Cow who is jealous because that fatty's boyfriend and/or exboyfriend obviously wants the pretty girl. (This riducule never leads to a fight, because the dirty cow is usually taken out by the linebacker in the corner, who assumed the cow was another dude).
"Dude, look at that pretty girl. I wanna fuck her"

"Dude I can't keep my eyes off that pretty girl"

"I'm a dirty cow, and that Pretty Girl fucked my boyfriend 3 years ago and I'm still mad about it."
by The Real LIfe Pretty Girl March 21, 2005
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she is the prettiest smartest most amazing girl in the entire multiverse.
extra points if you she has a middle name like maria.


she is the very definition of a gorgeous, gorgeous girl
the only people even near her in perfection are ana´s
james: Omg I just met a pretty girl the prettiest one in the world!
bob: Her name was ana right? or maybe joy?
james: yeah, it was ana-joy
bob: yup, i knew it
by msahrainaty February 17, 2022
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cathy is a pretty girl.! -ange 🤗
by angeemh October 1, 2021
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cathy is a pretty girl!! -ange 🤗
by angeemh October 1, 2021
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"Pretty Girl" -- proper noun -- Cassie

"pretty girl" -- noun -- the sweet scent left on a piece of clothing you've leant to a girl.
Hi, Pretty Girl! What's up?
by Kozak December 3, 2003
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