3 definitions by Bacon is inside you

Life is a confusing thing. Life mostly involves bacon, sitting, eating, and waiting to eat more food. That's basically it. This is the true meaning of life.
"Why is life so confusing?" "It will all be okay just keep eating bacon."
by Bacon is inside you March 25, 2013
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Someone who wrote the definition of someone else on urban dictionary. Also someone who loves bacon.
He wrote a definition of that person's name. Must be a Stalker.
by Bacon is inside you March 7, 2013
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a person who will eat all of your bacon, and won't share it will you even if you were starving. Her bacon is her bacon.
I was on an island with only bacon for food, and then Alize ate all the bacon.
by Bacon is inside you March 6, 2013
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