that one most special person that you find is just the most beautiful,georgous and perfect person you'll ever meet.
"Darian is the most lovely person i will ever be with, im so lucky to have her."
by charlie zamora k,Ü November 17, 2011
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A word used by Park Jimin to describe himself and ARMY; a word meaning someone who is kind, friendly and pleasant.
Jimin describes himself as "Cutie, Sexy, Lovely".

Jimin during his ment in the Love yourself London concert: "You're so lovely, I'm so lovely, we're so lovely!!!"

In another video backstage: "Lovely ARMY, you're so lovely!! I'm so lovely! You're so lovely! We're so lovely! Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!!!!"
by BlueOctober June 9, 2019
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great beauty. NOT pertaining to sexual beauty or physical attraction, but attraction of inner beauty or emotions
such as that of aumie
Aumie is so lovely. You should read her xanga sometime..
by June 2, 2006
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When used in a sarcastic manner is a response to something in a negative way + a verbal shrug.
A: Looks like the design you wanted only comes in orange.
B: Oh, lovely......

A: We'll have to cancel next weeks plans.
B: That's just lovely.
by Kareyu January 5, 2005
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A slang word for angel dust, or PCP.
We took the 20 dollars and copped some lovely.
by Angelacia May 21, 2007
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a British term that's becoming more widely used in American English to describe someone who is mild and pleasant. To say that someone is lovely might mean that he or she is nice or easy to be around, but isn't the most fuckable or fuckworthy person.
1. If someone says that you're lovely, you ain't getting laid.

2. Nate: What do you think of the new girl at the office?
Dave: She's lovely.
Nate: Would you bang her?
Dave: Hmmm...I wouldn't go that far.
by D.S. Credito April 2, 2015
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