an amazing friend will go to the ends of the earth to help people before helping herself cares about others more than anything and is super loving
alize is so beautiful
by alizec October 2, 2019
She is a girl that is fasinated with erie things and may be viewed as dark and cold. She is actually quite nice and generous. But do not cross the line with her for, her inner rage is quite powerful. She has a rich blood line. Can be portrayed as rude but actually being honest with you. She is quite mysterious and secretive. She is most likely born in late October. Her name is Hungarian meaning Alice in English. She can be kind but can be quite cold and cruel. She may be a Scorpio
Aliz is quite scary looking.
by shattered emerald December 31, 2015
The action of making fake facebook best friends to make ones self look popular. Extreme cases of Alizing involve commenting on profile pictures commenting "OH my god your sooo cutieeee <3."
Alizing Person: "Oh Josh commented on my photo again, he's like my best friend"

Skeptic:"...thats wierd the IP adresses match on his Facebook and yours..."

Alizing Person: "well, we use the same computer!"

Skeptic: "Stupid alizing bitch"
by lookupandfindthesun June 23, 2010
Alizer love to make other people happy even when they do her dirty. She has that good good that niggas cant get enough of. Dont mess with her bc she might look nice but fuck with her the wrong way the bitch will come out of her
*alizer walks by *

Fuck nigga: yeah i hit that

Other fuck nigga: deadass i been trying to hit that all year

Fuck nigga: nah i didnt but imma jack it
by February 19, 2019
she’s very BEAUTIFUL! very shy but is a real jokester when she’s comfortable, family oriented and a big FREAK. find you an Alize’ and wife your Alize’.
if i was able to get with Alize’ i’d never leave her, she’ll be my forever.
by imlitasflol December 27, 2017
Alizer is a very weird girl. She loves to get fucked up. either with her friends or by her self. Shes the one to get crazy with

especially in bed. shes respectful as hell and doesnt like messes. but if u get to know her you will see she is a very loving and freaky person u should cuff her.
by fatty_14 February 16, 2019
So stoned that you aren't planning on leaving your bed anytime soon.
Dude, Debra was so Bed-alized at that party. It was no fun at all.
by Halobear August 5, 2014