Noun; One of the most well-known environmentalists in the world, but also one of the largest hypocrites in the history of America, though many of the public choose to ignore this. He also made a movie and grew a beard. Good job Mr. Gore!
person 1: dude, al gore is amazing! he cares about the environment and he cares about america! person 2: umm... yeah, about that. he owns three houses, two of which are over 2,500 square feet...
by allie bullgore February 24, 2009
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Shorthand for an e-mail joke, urban myth, web link or other oft-forwarded material that is so old and tired, it is likely one of the first things Al Gore put on the internet after he invented it.
"Hey Homes, check out this vid my grandma sent me. Some fat kid lip-syncing this whack song about numa numa. Is that funny or WHAT?!"

"I ain't studyin' that Al Gore shit, ese."

by buster77 March 21, 2007
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single handidly killed ManBearPig and is SUPPER DUPPER CEREAL
Al Gore: im cereal
Guy; i dont think he has any friends
by Al Gore! July 2, 2009
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An act of blatant and egregious energy waste.
I got so cold running the air conditioner last night, that I ended up pulling an Al Gore and turned on the heater to warm back up.
by Meresa February 6, 2010
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Unseasonably warm weather due to global warming
It's December 2nd and 68 degrees in New York. Looks like its going to be another Al Gore out there so leave your winter coats at home!
by ana__nicole December 5, 2009
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A person who acts in contradiction to his stated beliefs or feelings and/or their own brainwashing campaign.

See also "Fuckhead, fucktard, fuckwad, Bono, Bill Maher"
There's a couple grand in their savings account, so Billy decided he would 'Al Gore' the situation, and tell his wife the water heater was overheating and using too much gas, so he had to drain the savings account to remedy the situation.

He was actually doing his wife a favor by keeping her from the inconvenient truth that he'd actually be using the cash on strippers and booze.
by bug-eyez November 23, 2011
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The man we all came to know and loathe in the 1980's, forgot about in the 1990's and sometimes wish had become president in 2000 (providing his anal-retentive wife, Tipper, could keep her mouth shut for 4-to-8-years!)
Having grown bored with censorship and warning labels, he has directed all his efforts to lecturing us about global warming (AKA: "climate change"), which may (or may not) be an impending catastrophie.
Al Gore: The man who gave us the PMRC, warning labels on record albums, boring autobiographies, tedious movies, false claims-to-fame, and Manbearpig.
by Ozymandius December 18, 2010
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