noun: a group of hypocritical ass-faces who decided to black mark every album containing explicit photos, lyrics, or themes because they felt violence in children stemmed from music media. apparently they thought it was ok for jesus boner parents to force christian rock that preaches bible messages and one-way mindsets of life down their kids throats, while punk, metal, and rap were all deemed "bad" cuz they either say fuck, pussy, or anarchy in the lyrics. more to the point, these three music genres all encourage people to convey their own individuality and self-expressive capabilities. once again, these people are douchebags.

acronym for the Parent Music Resource Center.
Jello Biafra, Dee Snider, and Eazy-E all fought the PMRC; that is yet another reason as to why they are legendary.
by the storm drains May 6, 2009
An organisation set up by the US Government to place fear into the ignorant, generally stupid American parents by blaming controversial music figures for disruption, aggression and violence.
The PMRC is a good, friendly, paranoia-spreading organisation.
by Graham Lean aka The Grza January 7, 2004
A group of a bunch of Nazi bitches from the U.S. Senate who at one point wanted to make metal music illegal.
With the help of Frank Zappa, Dee Snider, and John Denver the PMRC lost their battle and just got a sticker on records
Paranoid Bitches
Making A New State
Relying on
by I Hate Conformists April 30, 2005
A group which, led by Tipper Gore, attempted to take rock music and shove it's face in the dirt where it supposedly belonged. Rock music got up, however, and kindly told the PMRC that they could go get raped in the ass by a hippopotamus right before they delivered the kicked in the balls that was the testimonies of musicians such as Frank Zappa.
Stated by Frank Zappa at the PMRC hearings; “Senator Gore's wife talks about 'Bondage!' and 'oral sex at gunpoint' on the CBS nightly news!”
by Tyraelslayer April 6, 2006
A fascist organization that fears free speech.
God Bless the PMRC and their efforts to preserve, or impose, Christian values and raise our children for us while keeping their minds clean of thought.
by Tipper March 3, 2004
the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center)was formed in 1985. Its four members consisted of the Tipper Gore, Susan Baker, Pam Howar, and Sally Nevius. All four women were wives of promonent husbands that worked in federal government. The women waged a jihad against popular music, especially rock music. They blamed rock music for rape, violence, drug abuse and teenage suicide. They held a Senate hearing in August 1985 to discuss and attempt to impliment censorship in music. The PMRC had many proffesors and phycatrists testify on their part. Opposing them was Dee Sinder (Twisted Sister) Frank Zappa and John Denver. Technically the PMRC suceeded by forcing production companies to put the ever common Parental Warning sticker on the cover of explicit albums.
THe PMRC claimed to be acting on behalf of the American People. In reality, the PMRC was just a bunch of Washington socialites that wanted something public to do. What they were attempting to do was against the 1st amendment and a charachteristic of a Socialist/Communist/Nazi government
by northendwhitetrash February 28, 2007
An organization that tries to keep music away from children.
PMRC member: My children are so awful because of the music they listen to, not me.
by Anonymous July 6, 2003