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According to the ancient myths and legends, Glenn Beck was "created" from a giant turd farted out of the disease infected ass of Rush Limbaugh, which was then fertilized and nurtured for six days and six nights by Ann Coulter, who subsequently gave birth to the end result.

Stats: Glenn Beck is roughly humanoid in appearance, comprising 80% feces, 10% grain alcohol, 5% hot air, 4% unidentifiable matter and 1% human skin.

It feeds on liquor, various drugs, hatred and media attention.
It's primary habitat is currently the Fox News studios in New York City.
Glenn Beck's political beliefs are an extremely demented and warped version of Right-Wing Conservativism, coupled with an even more demented and warped version of Christianity.
Glenn Beck is known for spouting an endless stream of lies, distortions, half-truths, propaganda, false claims, made-up facts, treasonous banter, harmful advice, and good-old-American-bullshit.

Glenn Beck seems to host what outwardly appears to be a cable news program, but is in reality a paid political shill factory with zero journalistic qualities. Glenn Beck is also accompanied by several other of these "Fox Newscasters," all of of whom have never attended any type of journalism academy or have received degrees in said subject.

What to do if you encounter Glenn beck:
Your best hope is to toss him a bottle of cheap scotch, run in the opposite direction and hope for the best!
Not satisfied with having a cable "news" show, Glenn Beck must also spout his banter on a syndicated radio program as well.
by Ozymandius June 17, 2010

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America's most beloved fuck-up!!!
Never misunderestimate the enbiggened intelligence of President Bush.
by Ozymandius September 15, 2008

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The bbw that had all the Christian/Conservative/Republican/Boy-cravers so upset 'cause Bill Clinton was gettin' some and they wern't.
Congressman Foley couldn't get a woman like Monica Lewinsky...
by Ozymandius September 15, 2008

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THE worst school district on Long Island!
It only took until 1999 for Connetquot to change it's policies!
by Ozymandius June 14, 2010

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1.) Any made-for-TV "special bulletin broadcast" that proves the gullibility and stupidity of the viewing audience by making them think that what they're hearing and seeing is real.

2.) Any purposely made fake documentary meant to fool the audience. IE: "This is Spinal Tap!"

3.) Any "hoax-within-a-hoax" reality show where the contestants are scammed into thinking they stand a chance to win a fortune, marry the girl-or-guy of their dreams, and/or perform some great achievement. In the end, of course, they get nothing. This time, the viewing audience is "in on it."
Many younger viewers thoght that "This is Spinal Tap!" was a real documentary. It was, in reality, just a colossal "fuckyoumentary" foisted on the audience.
by Ozymandius July 09, 2009

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Ordinary Revenge is seducing your enemy's woman. Sweet Revenge is seducing your enemy's woman and discovering she's a lousy lay!
"I seduced my boss's drunk-ass wife at the Christmas party, screwed her on his desk, and discovered she's as passionate as a barn door! Sweet Revenge!!
by Ozymandius September 21, 2008

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One of the lowest forms of life on earth.
"Next to the politician and the televangelist, the preppy is the lowest form of life on earth.
by Ozymandius August 29, 2009

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