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An individual who is beneath contempt.
A despicable person
by jako September 08, 2003
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1.Used to define someone who is acting immature or irritating.
2.Crude/slang term for someones ejaculated sperm.
1."That guys a major fuck-wad."
2."I'd like to shoot my fuck-wad all over your face."
by Paul Darlinq August 09, 2005
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used to go beyond just being a "fucker" or a "fucking idiot," but this person (or animal in some cases) is so stupid they are a "fuck wad"
Your are suck a "fuck wad" joey.
by chAoz November 02, 2003
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A stupid person. Literally a wasted load of semen. As if to say that they shouldn't have been born. That they should have been wiped away, thrown into the garbage, or washed down the shower drain.

The type of person who creates an UrbanDictionary definition specifically to insult a specific person or group, rather than post an actual definition for the word.
Some fuckwad thought it would be funny to waste a definition for this word to spew an ad hominem about the book Liberal Fascism? Why, he's an even bigger fuckwad than the guy who posted a definition of Moonbat that insulted conservatives.
by Blathering Blatherskites May 07, 2008
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A person, generally male, who is such an idiot that the only term that describes him with any degree of accuracy is "fuck wad".
Kevin Federline,Richard Simmons and Yanni (all fuck wad's)
by Uhhuh April 01, 2007
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Something or someone that's just a big ol' bunch of nothing but total fuck. Someone who is both an idiot and mean, at the same time. Can be shortened to "fwad".
Jesse always gives all the new employees a really hard time because he knows he can get most of them to quit. He's a real fuck wad (fwad).
by Lisa Dwyer March 21, 2007
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