An individual who is beneath contempt.
A despicable person
by jako September 9, 2003
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A stupid person. Literally a wasted load of semen. As if to say that they shouldn't have been born. That they should have been wiped away, thrown into the garbage, or washed down the shower drain.

The type of person who creates an UrbanDictionary definition specifically to insult a specific person or group, rather than post an actual definition for the word.
Some fuckwad thought it would be funny to waste a definition for this word to spew an ad hominem about the book Liberal Fascism? Why, he's an even bigger fuckwad than the guy who posted a definition of Moonbat that insulted conservatives.
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someone who is as dumb as the chunk of spooge that soils the sheets after sex.
"Oh man look at whats left of that guy who tried to pass everyone on his motorcycle..what a fuckwad"
by Lost Touch April 11, 2003
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descriptive or derogatory term alleging equivalence to a mass of jism or spunk spent in an act of intercourse; similar to jerkwad, except production is masturbatory.
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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Someone who spuriously slanders an entire group of people using specious faux-scholarly arguments because he thinks that politics doesn't have any real world meaning and is all a big game of who gets to call the other side a poopyhead the most. Counts double if said fuckwaddery gets reviewed in the New York Times because the fuckwad "author" has a famous mommy.
"The white male is the Jew of Liberal Fascism" - Liberal Fascism, by fuckwad Jonah Goldberg
by McDuff December 29, 2007
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Jonah Goldberg, writer of the hilariously inept Liberal Fascism.
"Did fuckwad finally settle on a title for that piece-of-shit book he's writing?"

"Yes. The fuckwad. It's out now and he's having a hard time getting anyone to take it seriously."

"Who'd take fuckwad seriously?"

"His mom. Maybe."
by Righteous Bubba January 9, 2008
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