The Environmentalist wacko who pretends to be Jesus, and claims to have invented the Internet. Also known as a general dick head.
"Hey, did you see that pile of dog shit on the sidewalk?"
"You mean Al Gore?"
by Lord Revan57 July 11, 2008
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Former vice president of the United States and former congressman. He is best known for his claim of having been a mind behind the internet, as spoken by himself: "During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Gore was elected to congress in 1976, seven years after the first internet transmission occurred at UCLA in 1969.

Though not claiming to have "invented" the internet, his claim is similar to that of anyone adding something so minorly substantial to something and claiming to have helped invent it.
Al Gore, who believes himself to have helped create the internet, is in fact only lying. One can see further examples of this by watching his new movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
by zchris87v September 7, 2006
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Single Handedly invented the chicken Sandwich, the internet and manbearpig!!!
Ask Chick-Fil-A who really invented their sandwich... AL GORE BABY!!
by Brian Doran November 2, 2006
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A big fat windbag who benefits financially by convincing everyone that "Global Warming" is an actual issue to worry about, even though the changing output of the sun is what causes our variable global temperature, and CO2 only comprises .03% of our atmosphere -- mostly from natural sources like volcanos.
Oh my god, your Prius is so rad. Yes, I bought this piece of shit because Al Gore is a god and he made me see the light of my evil carbon footprint. Now I can feel pious in my piece of shit Prius and snub my nose at all you poor slobs who drive Chevys.
by Low Class Loser November 7, 2008
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the real cause of AIDS

Scientists have been led to believe (by Gore's black magic) that AIDS is caused by manbearpig but AIDS is truly caused by your genitals being exposed to Al Gore's voice. The body can't take it anymore and turns on itself because its the only escape

Other accomplishments:
-invented the internet, meatball subs, glow in the dark stuff, Charmeleon, the waterbed, and ice cream cake.

-Wrote Harry Potter on a paper towel (not a napkin)

-Caused "The Incident" in Lost

-Master of Black Magic

-Was the first human to be Rickrolled (was rickrolled by manbearpig and they've been sworn enemys ever since. Got him back by blaming AIDS on him. Manbearpig got him back by being the last vote for bush. Gore got him back by killing him on south park.)
Penis: "I cant take any more of this super Al Gore's gloating."

..."Bye World!!!"
by James LaFleur October 8, 2009
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The term Al Gore is taken from the actually person, Al Gore who was a former USA Vice-president, a USA Presidential Candidate and most recently produced An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary on Global Warming).

To use Al Gore as a term, it's mainly to indicate that someone who thinks they're going to win or have a chance doesn't actually. Just like Al Gore in the Presidential Election Race, he thought he had a chance but in reality, George W. Bush was never going to lose.
Langer: "Did you see South Africa play Australia in the World Cup"?
Katich: "Yeah what an Al Gore that was".
Langer: "South Africa are more like a John Kerry, than Al Gore, bloody chokers".
by Holden Morrisey Caulfield August 13, 2007
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pronounced (hip-o-crit)

A low life self centered hipocritical activist for a more energy efficient world. and he drives a prius. . . when he isn't flying on his private jet.
That dumbass is a real al gore.
by Richard Cheese702 February 6, 2010
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