A failed sac tap wear the victim gets hit in the mushroom tip as opposed to the sackeroo.

A witty response from the one receiving the tipper is: "You hit the chicken but not the eggs."
Hitting your buddy who's going commando normally leads to a tipper and not a sac tap.
by M_Dubz152 June 9, 2023
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Tipper- a person who drives super fast
That guy is a real tipper, he drives super fast
by BigDCBigcappin September 22, 2018
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New Yorker youth slang for a boorish yuppie sort of person from caucasian descent. A Tipper is out of place and generally unwanted but totally oblivious to the fact. In Vancouver, the Tipper crowd usually drives the regulars out of the good bars.
Great, a fucking Tipper managed to get in. Guess this place just lost its edge.
by Fradoodle November 24, 2010
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diminutive of Tip Rat – a woman of rather loose morals, easily willing to engage in sexual and intercourse and or fellatio with a wide array of partners
by The TWG September 8, 2008
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The end of a mans penis where the urine is shot
I had a drop of urine on my tipper.
by Jackson County November 25, 2006
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A person of very limited use.

Origin west midlands, England

Very much the same as a knob end or dick head.
"Lift it up you fokkin Tipper"
by Bobby Kanker August 14, 2003
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A tipper is someone who is the most awesome guy in the world because his awesomeness just tips the scales. He is amazing all year round, every season, every month and every day. He's so cool, cooler than a tub of mango and cream icecream. But did i mention at the same time he's hot? hotter than the sahara desert. He's the finest Tipper you'll get. Awesome, funny, sexy and when you get to know the Tipper I'm talking about, he'll tip your heart scales toward the 'fall in love' direction. He's one sexy guy with a fantastic outlook on life who is going to be a great man Tipping all sorts of scales! Tipper is a Topper!
girl 1: have you met the sexy dude who's just amazing beyond measurable?
girl 2: ohhhh yeahhhh... his name is Tipper! :)
by yo-homie-g July 2, 2010
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