When you can't actually argue with someone based on facts so you just make fun of them instead.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone are too stupid to actually argue global warming based on science, so they decided to manbearpig Al Gore.
by Sam is a Dick March 3, 2007
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Another name for a beast known to live in a basement on Downer Street in Milwuakee, WI. This alleged creature is known to be quite the anti-social creature. He usually will not convene in places consisting of more than three or four other humans. Known to have a ravenous appetite consisting of McDonalds and Burger King. Also, the creature is not know to be smooth in interactions with other people. Most interpersonal reactions with this creature end up with one or both parties being embarrassed. Many speculate that Manbearpigs utterly horrifying appearance resulted from his mother getting pregnant via the water wheel (see definition) and then doing copious amounts of heroin while pregnant. If you see Manbearpig, avoid at all costs. He is known to be a compulsive liar.
I tried to talk Manbearpig into going to a party, but because a large number of people were there, he declined, stating that he would rather masturbate alone all night.
by eightdoubleoh September 7, 2010
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someone who doesn't know how to brush their hair, teeth, nor how to shower. This person has very bad body oder and large front teeth. They also wear clothes that are too small for them. Aka: MBP
ALD looks like a manbearpig because she doesn't know what good hygiene is.
by Kayla Thomson November 24, 2007
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Manbear pig is a terrible beast that Al gore warned us all about but we wouldn't take him "serial". He tried to attack tourists in Colorado Spring's Cave of the Winds but Al Gore vanquished him. He is planning on making a movie about him and MBP so people will take him "super serial"
First it was GLobal Warning now its Manbearpig, he's just trying to spead awareness people.
by Chodey McChode April 28, 2006
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A creature who is half man, half bear, and half pig.
Al Gore is the only one who sees Manbearpig, and he's totally serial about it.
by bmarsh96 April 27, 2006
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An enormous beast that is half-man, half-pig and half-bear, who eats puppies and poops out high-level nuclear wastes requiring immediate burial. Also known as Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh.
Quarterback: "Where am I?"

Medical Staffer: "You scrambled out of the pocket, but then Manbearpig caught you. Stay still. The ambulance is on its way."
by Cuntler November 14, 2011
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From an episode of South Park featuring Al Gore. In the episode Gore is depicted as a paranoid guy who believes in a non-existent monster--"Manbearpig"--that is part man, part bear, and part pig. He believes the Manbearpig is a great threat.

South Park's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, don't believe in global warming and the episode "Manbearpig" is their way of saying that when Al Gore talks about the dangers of global warming he is getting all worked up over something that doesn't even exist.
"The South Park guys think that global warming is a myth just like the Manbearpig, even though there's tons of evidence that it's happening, and they make fun of Gore for worrying about it."
by Rabid_Caterpillar November 25, 2006
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