The money left in ones checking account before pay day.
Yay, it's pay day and I have $0.74 in my savings account!
by ybuj October 1, 2010
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The intentional act of having too much income tax witheld from your pay, in order to get a big fat refund check at filing time.

Done by stupid people who don't realize they're giving the government an interest free loan all year.
Billy Bob: Got mah tax refund today - six hunnert some bucks!

Melissa: Ahhhh, you cashed in your redneck savings account.

Billy Bob: Huhhh?
by OldFart77 April 17, 2007
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A Bum Savings Account is an old shopping cart, usually from Wal Mart or Value Village, that a bum has filled with bottles and cans to eventually cash in for a box of wine.
"Man, look at that. There goes another creepy homeless guy with his Bum Savings Account."
by Vandervest June 19, 2009
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Noun: The balance of busting nuts between two or more people.
“I gave her about 5 or 6 nuts last night. Made that deposit in my nut savings account
by $MU$Baby October 10, 2023
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