a) graphic violence,the depiction of particularly vivid and realistic acts of violence and brutality in visual media such as literature, film, television, and video games. It may be real, simulated live action, or animated

b) in music, the subgenre of grindcore, or grind, most influenced by metal and especially death metal, having barely or no influence by hardcore at all. Consisted of low growls, gurgles, and screams, heavily distorted guitars, death metal drumming with a lot of powersnared rhythms. Sometimes also called grindgore or gore grind. Easily distinguished from other grind bands that are not gore such as suicide silence, a black rose burial, Braindrill, and Shotgun facelift. Many scene kids have been known to add gore to their myspace display name even though they dont listen to gore, only grind and at times not even that.
gore bands include such as Haemorrhage, Flesh consumed, Sakrificio, Yautlan, Regurgitated Terror, and Casket Blaster
by benny S. April 12, 2008
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Over the top or unrealistic violence;

The BBFC, MPAA and most other classification boards classify gore as surpassing 'strong bloody and/or sadistic and/or sexualized and/or stylized violence', therefore being too unrealistic, comical or gratuitous to be classified as any of the above extremities in feasible depictions of violence.
'Irreversible' is an experimental/art house film containing strong and sexualized violence.

'Bad Taste' is a comedy/B movie containing frequent bloody gore.

Prolonged rape, torture, humiliation and gratuitously realistic acts of brutality = Violence

Using a chainsaw to slice through hundreds of zombies (people painted grey) that fall to pieces on contact with the chainsaws blades as if they were balloons full of ketchup = Gore
by Zombi Ist Krieg May 18, 2009
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a) rushing blood

b) Some politician called Al Gore

c) What heavy African beasts do to you. Basically, a charge followed by a toss.
It doesen't get any more serious than a Rhino about to gore yo ass!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 29, 2004
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Gimme those Gore films, I can't get enough!
by Scene Be Mean September 11, 2006
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Invertor of the internet.
Al Gore is a friggen genious for inventing the internet.
by Luke Perry II October 7, 2005
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To recieve great pain by anouther individual intentionally.
Did you see that? He jus got GORED!
by Collateral September 25, 2005
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Thick red liquid which gushes forth from any animal that breaths oxygen, when it's limbs are chopped off.
The psychopath chopped off his dog's legs and the animal crawled around leaving a thick trail of gore behind until it ran out and died.
by Corpse-Launcher March 31, 2004
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