Affliction, Ed Hardy, TapouT. All examples of what's in a douchebag's wardrobe.
by Roc18 September 10, 2009
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Extremely overpriced brand of Graphic tee-shirts. Typically known as a status symbol among chads. If it's a graphic tee you're after, there are many FAR cheaper options that not only look better, but are less likely to cause others to associate you with douchebag status. It's recommended that you avoid Affliction if you have any self respect whatsoever.
Dude 1: Dude, that's a pretty rad shirt, is that Affliction?

Dude 2: Fuck that! only a moron would spend $100 on an Affliction t-shirt. This one was 15 bucks, and it looks better!

Dude 1: Really? goddamn, I feel like a moron for wasting my money now..
by FlightofIcarus April 12, 2010
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A group of Douche Bags. ie. pack of dogs, murder of ravens, heard of cattle Affliction of douche bags. Named after their trademark shirts. As to make them easy to spot in the crowd. most douchebags are known to wear white sunglasses, white bandanas, fake tans, tribal tattoos and faux hawks or spiky hair.
"Hey Sean, did you see that Affliction of Douch Bags last night? They all drank Heinekens and had white sunglasses and faux hawks."
by Two Bit 1982 October 29, 2011
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A feeling driven by extreme emotional suffering. A feeling so strong it starts to affect your general well-being whether it be psychological or physical.

Usually a feeling brought on by yearning or fond memories of a certain person; which when any form of pain arises it is amplified.
The breakdown of a relationship can lead to unfathomable affliction.
by _The Secret_ August 7, 2019
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Back in 1856 a doctor by the name of Terrence Nutkins argued with his peers that the emotion of Jealousy was actually a physical manifestation and not just a feeling. He argued that in every person lay dormant a miniscule gland in the upper tethis that when a person felt jealous this gland would convulse releasing a small dose of Cheortyxon C.

This small dose would force the Afflicted to do all manner of odd things like become irritated and angry easily sometimes leading the sufferer to post crazy things on websites and make up alot of hocus pocus. Terrence published his workings and until today the gland has not been denied nor confirmed by doctors in the field.
You're jealous of affliction you'll post on websites to vent your anger!
by ZodfindsthisFUN May 31, 2005
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A boston street slang. 1980's popculture moulded this years latest craze in uptown boston.
You Sir, speak with a certain degree of Affliction.

"Dats right, honkey"
by ZodfindsthisFUN May 31, 2005
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She accused the boy of stealing her phone when actually she had left her phone in a cab! This woman is obviously afflicted, and self centered.
by talk2me-JCH2 January 9, 2021
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