Pertaining to the functions of the mind, or brain.

From the Greek: psukhē(psyche) meaning soul... that which makes a person that specific person, rather than someone or everyone else.
It's not a real problem, you just made it up inside your head. It is all just psychological... though that pertains more to psychosomatosis, you get the drift.
by ZERØ O'skül March 04, 2011
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Pronunciation: ˌsī-kə-ˈlä-ji-kəl
Function: adjective

1) "Logical" as determined by a psycho.

2) The processes of the human mind, not being entirely logical, often involve a psychotic component. Hence, the combination of "psycho" and "logical" is necessary. The psychotic component is often dominant in clingy ex-boy/girl friends.
1) The only (psycho)logical conclusion he could come to was to stalk the hot sorority girl around campus.

2) Guy 1: Dude, the way Lauren operates is not logical.
Guy 2: Yeah, but it is psychological.
Guy 1: Don't you mean psychotic?
Guy 2: Yeah, that too.
by rastronauts May 25, 2010
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To tell yourself facts to get rid of a fear. To give yourself reasons to not be afraid
"I psychologized my fear of the roller coaster. Over 1 million people have ridden it and have not died."

"I used to be afraid of heights by I psychologized my way through it"

"Bungee jumping sounds scary! But I'm psychologizing myself to not be afraid."
by Sir Barks Alot March 15, 2017
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The discipline that everyone swears they know about simply because they took an intro class which barely covers the other areas of the discipline or watch Dr. Phil.
Student: I took an intro class and I will psychoanalyze you despite my professor telling me it's bullshit.
2nd student: I know all about psychology since I watch dr. Phil religiously.
by Psycho-doom May 10, 2014
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The practice of taking things we already know about people, and weighing it down with jargon until the only other people who understand it are psychologists.
"Psychology dictates that all juvenile humans grow to imitate the assertive role models around them, sparking a developmental response" (Kids grow up to be like their folks)
by benbalooky October 05, 2010
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The study of human thought and behaviour. A social scientific subject which can trace its origins back to ancient Greece.
Psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy are all different.
by VinC April 26, 2005
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Rather than a psychologist or psychiatrist, a psychologer has no formal training but derives his or her theories and practises from New Age -principles; by using any source available to understand the human mind. The word combines the words astrologer and psychology, bringing it toward spiritual and intuitive knowledge over scientific approach to understanding the human mind. As he or she comes from the New Age background, they acknowledge the (possible) existence of the immortal soul that reincarnates. They are a psychologist of the soul rather than a psychologist of the mortal person. A psychologer is someone who works toward creating new theories and practises to help people solve their psychological problems; a step up from "a life coach" who uses every day knowledge and certain common New Age practises for the same thing. A psychologer has their own studies and theories, where as a life coach most likely does not; therefore, a rare individual.

Earlier, the word was used for a psychologist, one of the early forms for a psychologist, and the term refers to the exact idea; early onset psychology; non-proven science, and ground breaking, officially non-approved practises in the field of psychology.
"My psychologer believes I should try and remember some of my past lives to fully understand myself."
by Sebastyne March 10, 2016
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