A douchebag brand NOT worn by hipsters. Ed Hardy consists of ridiculously low quality garments at a hideously jacked up price. No, people aren't jealous of Ed Hardy wearing Douchebags, they actually have better taste.

The average person who wears Ed Hardy probably thinks he's "hardcore" and the girls who wear them are Trendwhores. If you have an Ed Hardy shirt, True Religion Jeans or Rock and Republic or Juicy Couture, guess what? You are a douche. Please log off earth.

Please consider respectable clothing by WeSC, APC, and Nudie. They are around the same price range but don't scream douchebag, AND won't rip up in about a week.
Trendwhore: "Omg! Ashlee I totally like got this ed hardy purse to match my juicy shirt and true religions! I'm gonna totally like match this to my uggs!"
Douche: "Bro your Fauxhawk and Ed Hardy shirt are SICK! Lets spray ourselves with axe and hit up melrose!"
by Antwuan McDisco May 11, 2009
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The ugliest clothing line, EVER. It's an overly expensive brand that features stupid logos like skulls, snakes, and hearts (fucking gothic). I don't give a fuck how expensive the clothes are - you look like a douchebag.
GothicBoy - Hey, where did you get your hoody? Hot Topic?

Wannabe - No! It's Ed Hardy. I got it online for $175! That's not including 1 day shipping!
by HuMM3R August 16, 2008
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A clothing line designed by a 'designer' by the name of Christian Audiger. Most often featuring pictures of skulls and flowers sometimes with crystals or sequins sewn onto the shirts so one can look like a disco ball florist. You can often see fat girls wearing ed hardy or a jacked up broski wearing it often with a fat girl on his arm along with his tribal tattoo.

In the past these people wore a brand known as 'Von Dutch', which at the time they felt was just as cool. These people believe it is fashionable because it is 'more expensive' than other brands but don't be fooled, if you live in a trailer park you too can afford an Ed Hardy T-shirt. The same Ed Hardy tshirts found in 'fashion' outlets can be found at T.J Maxx for 10$.

There is no hope for people who wear Ed Hardy. They will tell you 'not to bash Ed Hardy just because you can't afford it', though you can, you just have better style and you don't want to pay money to look like a douchebag. This does not get through to these people, so you should not bother arguing with them but instead tell them the fake diamonds on their hat really bring out the blue in their eyes.

Also see: Dom Rebel, Affliction and Tapout
Hardy-on: I got no style, I got no class, I wear Ed Hardy and I get no ass!
by TheMcRealDeal August 28, 2009
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A brand of overpriced clothing which teenagers from ages 13 up to 20+ buy simply because it is overpriced and sparkly. Ed Hardy is famous for making it obvious to spot douchebags, wannabees, wiggers, semi-rich middle class who believe they are super rich because they wear it, etc. Go onto facebook, nexopia or myspace and chances are - you'll spot a few lowlife teenagers taking mirror pictures with their middle fingers up and ED HARDY on. Ed Hardy makes them feel as if they are walking through a fashion show...a tacky fashion show but a fashion show nonetheless.

"Oh my god, girl, did you see that Ed Hardy sweater on sale for $100? I HAVE to buy it so everyone thinks I'm wealthy and fashionable."

"That guy in the Ed Hardy sweater-"
by xoxooox December 24, 2009
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A ridiculously overpriced and tacky brand of designer clothing. People who sport this brand can be bros trying to dress up, or guidos taking a break from the sweatsuit. The people who wear this brand generally go to clubs and try to pick up on girls, who tell them to fuck off, because they are not interested in men who are A.) homosexual, or B.) Insecure and obviously not very fashionable. These clothes are predominately west coast, because if you moved to New York, people know how to spend their money and buy such brands as Armani, or Burberry. The worst thing about an ed hardy tee (besides the wearer) are the cliche images and phrases like "love kills" and skulls with snakes. Oh yeah, what happened to the shoe laces?
Jared: that guys wearing ed hardy

Ben:lets beat his ass for fun.
by anal rapageee December 28, 2010
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A fashion label created by a guy who actually has some legitimate background in the design world. If you can score it on close-out, it might be an OK deal. But unfortunately, most of the time it is overpriced, and worn by douchebags who are just trying to make themselves look more interesting than they really are.
I'm just a white-collar office worker from the suburbs, so when I go out after work, I need to ramp it up a notch by wearing clothes like Ed Hardy so I can look street-wise and hip. Gotta wear a beanie too, even if it's 80 degrees out and it makes me look like a homeless person.
by And it's like that. July 15, 2010
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A fashion line that doesn't have shit to do with hipsters. Ed Hardy clothes are worn almost exclusively by college frat boy douchebags, Guidos, and other steroid addicted muscle heads who think they are the shit, hardcore and Ed Hardy supposedly reflects this for them. Also worn by the over-tanned girlfriends of douchebags.

No one in their right mine but scumbags and douchebags would wear Ed Hardy, since it's the tackiest thing to come along in 'fashion' since Bape
Pauly and Vinny wear Ed Hardy because they're pure assholes.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 15, 2011
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