if music were sex, the breakdown would be the orgasm.
breakdown clias;dsd why do i have to write a fucking example
by aksjdlaksdjayoyo August 24, 2008
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Sections of hardcore / metalcore / deathcore songs which are rhythmically appropriate for most forms of hardcore dancing (mosh), but not appropriate for two-stepping. In order to be rhythmically appropriate, the music must conform to the following requirements:

1. Tempo: Breakdowns are characterized by tempos in the 65 bpm - 70 bpm range, but also spanning from 50 bpm (double breakdown), to 90 bpm (fast breakdown / stomp breakdown).

2. Content: Breakdowns are further characterized by strong emphasis on rhythm, snares on the 2nd & 4th quarter notes, cymbals on either eighth notes or quarter notes, and kick drum patterns which accent the often staccato guitar playing. Many modifications to this formula can be made (displaced snares, melody), but these modifications tend to detract from the maximum impact of the breakdown.

Because these two requirements must be satisfied, entire songs can be breakdowns, and do not need to contain any fast parts. As well, many slow sections of songs of these genres are not breakdowns, because they do not meet the content requirements.
Pantera is generally recognized as the originator of the breakdown, as featured at approximately 3:52 of "Domination" off Cowboys from Hell. Today, this part of Domination would be recognized as an "old school" breakdown, and only the old timers would hardcore dance to it.
by malarky2020 October 14, 2009
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The part in a song (usually associated with Hardcore, Metal, and Metalcore music genres) where the music becomes heavy and rythmic. Usually has a brutal sound to it and is the perfect music to open a pit or dance to. Breakdowns are what makes hardcore. The singer also usually sings a line or two of memorable lyrics, and then repeats them until the breakdown is over.
Open this shit up, the breakdown is coming!

Did you see Steven dancing to that breakdown?
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(n.) - a section in a piece of music where rhythmic emphasis is shifted causing the note value of the previously determined meter to be (typically) halved. used for contrast.
"The breakdown in the middle of that song is where most injuries occur during live shows..."
by bananax182 May 13, 2007
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The most amazing
part in
a hardcoremetalcoregrindcore
At shows the breakdown is the part where everyone hardcore dances.
some have double bass in them it goes like duh duhh duh duh duh double bass duh duhdhuduh duh duh.
some bands with amazing breakdowns are
Emmure,Parkway Drive,As blood runs black,Buried in the woods
by jesseisStraightEdge May 31, 2007
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