When something is really good, cool or very impressive.
Morgan: That's like my dream job!
Lane: Y'KNOW? I'm gonna make sick money at that place!
by Babydoll75 May 15, 2019
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1. to feel ill, or not well.
2. A secondary word for awesome.
3. Gross, disgusting.
4. Tired, pissed off.
5. Horny.
1. I feel very sick, I think I might vomit.
2. Dude, that song is so sick!
3. That was sick when he had sex with that gorrilla.
4. I am sick of your attitude.
5. Who wants to get sick with me.
by The Big Bad Jew October 19, 2004
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Another way of saying brilliant,or a description of something awesome as opposed to its real meaning, sick is a compliment.
That concert was sick!

Sick as a complimentary in a punk rock way.
by Lucinda Belle 444 October 08, 2015
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Can have various meanings,
In the U.S. it is usually used when something is cool and exciting.
In the UK it is used more to describe something not so pleasant, if something is gruesome and disgusting then it's sick.
The act of vomiting, feeling ill.
It's sick that we get Monday off school.

2 girls 1 cup is sick!

I felt sick yesterday.
by I'mAnonymous February 16, 2008
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Contrary to the common definition of 'something extremely good' celebrated chavs/hoodies, sick is better and more effectively used in its traditional meaning, ie something bad/low. Also said 'that sickens me' or 'thats sickening'.
'I have soo much work to do today it's sick'
'I haven't seen Royston in so long it sickens me'
'Fred is grotesque the way he walks is sickening'
by GoldenBarrel November 22, 2009
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What you say when you don't feel like dealing with shit.
"Hey! You wanna go teepee *name*'s house with me and Kyle?"

- "No dude, I'm sick"


"Honey, get up, you have to go to school today"

-"But mom, I'm feeling so sick right now"
by Lodo Kabodo May 13, 2012
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