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Shutting down discussion on an important topic by shouting the word "racist" where it doesn't belong.
"The world has an increasing problem with Islamic extremism, but before we discuss it, it's important to distinguish between criticism of Islam as a set of ideas and bigotry against Muslims as a people."
"You can't say that! It's gross! It's racist!"
"Woah, what's that guy's problem? Nothing I just said had anything to do with race."
"Don't mind him, he's just Afflecking."
by TheDude765123 March 05, 2016
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'afflecking: Publicly wallowing in moral disgust and righteous indignation rather than criticizing ideas on their merits. Publicly accusing someone of being racist because they criticize a religion or an ideology is an example of afflecking.
I tried to reason with her but she just kept afflecking.
by fire ape May 03, 2016
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Succeeding despite a noticeable absence of talent, skill, charm and likeability. Affleckers are known to be totally oblivious to their obvious short-comings, making them even more obnoxious.
"You see Brian with that girl last night? He totally Afflecked that, dude."

"I didn't study, I'm pretty dumb, might as well try Afflecking my way through this exam!"
by Unknown Chemist August 10, 2016
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Completely ignoring a reasonable argument from someone you disagree with, only to interject with an emotionally charged accusation that the speaker is being gross and racist, when in fact they are being neither gross nor racist.
Ben didn't care to hear what Bill and Sam had to say, he just immediately started afflecking to avoid a rational conversation.
by Dodgethesnail April 20, 2016
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