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The shoes in your closet that go well with every outfit but are extremely uncomfortable.
I'm wearing the Keanu Reeves, because I have this crazy outfit and no other shoes work with it.
by Pandacoon June 15, 2011
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A selected person, a chosen one.
"They got a Keanu Reeves!"
"Oh Shit, we can't beat a Keanu Reeves!"
by Duder March 31, 2005
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An A-list actor who shot to stardom after his movie "Speed" became a classic favorite among audiences in the mid 1990's. He is often perceived as enigmatic, zen-like, and mysterious. There is the misconception that he is not intelligent when in fact it is quite the opposite. Keanu Reeves is a highly accomplished actor who is hard working, respects his costars, and is loyal to his family and friends. He is extremely well-read, witty, charming, genuine, giving, caring, and incredibly talented. He researches his roles, and does his best to become every character he plays in his cinematic endeavors. Not only is he easy on the eyes but it is his heart that makes him as beautiful as ever. Keanu Reeves is an actor in every sense of the word.
Keanu Reeves... that about says it all.
One of a kind.
A rarity in Hollywood.
by Suzanne A. July 25, 2006
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A physically able actor with the emotional range of a post. Most famous for starring in the recent Matrix Trilogy as Neo, the main protagonist.
"Isn't it ironic how the epitome and ultimate conclusion of the human race, Neo, is played by a catatonic, while a heartless program, Agent Smith, is played with zest by such a magnificent actor?
by Comrade Dmitri February 18, 2004
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if beautiful needed a new
definition, I'm pretty sure that
Keanu Reeves would be it.
although his acting skills are
unfortunately unappreciated by some,
many love his movies, and a large
sum those people adore the man's
arresting good looks as well.
he is best known by the vast majority of us nerds,as the protagonist of the matrix trilogy,neo.
neo was played by keanu reeves. also known as gorgeous McGorgeousness.
by neochica August 31, 2007
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One of the most criticized and misunderstood actors today - except for those who really get him. He's simply a human being who is searching for the answers to those questions most people that attempt to use their brain and tap into their emotions also look for - the meaning life, etc. who uses his job to explore those questions/answers...a job that gives him the attention he tries to avoid which many people think give them the right to criticize and ridicule him. He’s a regular Joe who happens to be an actor. If you like his acting, you’ll watch his movies. If you don’t like him why waste your time to ridicule someone who still has the last laugh? Regardless of what you say, he makes a lot more money than you!
K = heart + brain + $ = best catch out there!
by Shauna Waz August 22, 2005
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