Someone who doesn't like to deal with people all the time. That prefers staying at home and enjoying him or herself over going out with friends. Someone who prefers and embraces solitude and who finds it exhausting to be around large groups of people. Shut Ins, or Recluses as some put it our viewed negatively because they are misunderstood and labled as "weird", or "lacking social skills", this however is a major misconception. Many shut ins, or introverts actually have very good social skills but only use them in the given situation that they are in. They hate small talk and meaningless conversations. They prefer real talk, talk that has meaning and isn't a waste of their time and yours.
Tammy always wanted Matt to go out every friday night but Matt never wanted too, always saying "I don't feel like it", Tammy would say "omg you are such a shut in! why don't you socialize and be outgoing like normal people?" Matt responded "define normal?"
by matthewbrly March 27, 2015
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someone who is often more comfortable spending their time indoors. Often preferring to be at home rather than go out, or unable able to leave their home due to old age, illness, or something else.
1. A shut in is often viewed in a negative light.
2. She is a shut in because she prefers to spend most of her time in her home studying, reading, or working online over partying at the local nightclub or spending the night at the bar.
by dracona11687 November 9, 2014
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when you've told someone to shut up so many times that you don't even say the second word anymore
in class -
teacher: *calls on candice*
kid sitting next to you: *whispering* "candice di-"
you: shut
by rdcvgtuhnmki May 21, 2020
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What your autocorrect thought you meant when you typed "shit".
oh shut
by catdef May 12, 2020
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someone who is living secludedly
Being asked by a police officer she said: 'I didn't see anything, don't know anyone. I'm a shut-in. And I mind my own business.'
by marty41de September 2, 2006
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