The way a US citizen from the South distinguishes between sizes of trees.
Earl: "That tree shure is a biggin'."
Bubba: "Rat, but that one ova there is an even bigotry!"
by CherryKisses February 23, 2006
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bigotry = intolerance
his bigotry is latent.
by NLU September 8, 2005
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unwarranted, seething hatred for some demographic, as in race, sex, sexual preference, geographic origin, ideology, etc.
Bigotry examples:
Whites: Wow, we'll just bow down, you clearly own & invented everything.
Jews: Why did you let Scientology take over Hollywood?
Blacks: The only people who don't like you are black people.
Mexicans: You have those jobs because nobody's telling the rest of us they exist.
Asians: Stop being fucking insane. You're worrying everyone.
Vikings: All you do is murder, you barbaric, bearded Nordic pigs. And your death metal sucks.
Furries: You're a bunch of whiny, meme-loving trolls, you pot-smoking, whoric douches.
Brits: Maybe tone down the pretension a couple metric tons, eh wot?
Americans: You're fat & break everything you touch. Way to fail at health care, enjoy the infant mortality rate.
Australia: You've absolutely no right to be offended by "Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos".
Lesbians: You're not lesbians, you're misandrist whores. Stop sleeping with people's boyfriends & maybe people won't treat you like currency.
Lions: You have to be the laziest, bloodthirstiest pussies ever to walk the savannah.
Gays: You used to be funny & cool. Now you're self-absorbed, mainstream fucks like the rest of us. Enjoy your marriage & military draft, fools.
Middle-East: You keep killing yourselves in ways emo kids only dream of.
Children: You are a disease on the face of this planet.
Women: Oh, it's okay, we'll just overlook the fact you can exploit anyone & anything simply because it offends you so much.
by RequiredName May 14, 2013
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Biology and geometry, two words mixed together to say it in one easy great way.
White-kid: haha your black
Asian-kid: You questioning my bigotry?
by myusernamethis August 23, 2019
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"...the definition of bigotry might just become See Trumo, Donald."
by @#$%@#$%!@#$%@#$% July 17, 2017
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Noun: Thinking all of your ideas are correct and superior to everyone elses ideas.
HAHA I am a bigot so i think he's wrong christianity is right and should be the only religion!

I like girls so that means every guy has to (thats bigotry)
by Alex June 18, 2006
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Bigotry in action:
(Mexicans are) bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people
by Thomastheterminator June 6, 2016
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