VERB- To relax at home during one's free time, as a fat girl might do on a Saturday night. Often includes watching television, drinking beer, lounging lazily on the couch.
"Are you going out clubbing tonight?" "No, it's been a long week and I'm tired, so I'm just going to fatgirl it."
by Creff von Crinklepants March 14, 2006
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(verb) to impede one's significantly more attractive friends from enjoying themselves because one is obese and unattractive.
Dan: So, how was did your night with Liz last night?

Bob: Eh, it was going good until Katie fatgirled me and made Liz leave.
by GrigShow October 14, 2007
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v. To eat the rest of a bagged snack food by shaking the remaining contents directly into one's mouth.
Do you want anymore of these chips, or can a just fatgirl them?
by Schira October 05, 2007
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Consuming food by cutting into and continuously eating small pieces until one or more whole units are consumed. Followed by saying- “I only had a little piece
Did you see Jessica fat girl that whole plate of cookies?

Damn there goes Jeff again- he just cut off a piece of that donut. Who is he kidding, we all know he’s gonna fat girl it.
by Schnozzmahal January 29, 2018
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