Art with no defined meaning. Its purpose is to let the viewer interpret its meaning for him/herself. More often than not, abstract art is a collection of meaningless shapes and colors thrown onto a canvas. The intellectual art community, however, looks at this and calls the author a genius, promptly shelling out tons of money to buy a mess that could have been accidentally created by a two year old.
If you can't draw or paint but still want to earn millions of dollars as an artist, don't worry: Abstract art is for you!
by Rodney Basil August 22, 2004
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Abstract Art

adj. A politically correct euphemism for terribad.

noun. An admission of intellectual impotence.

Music is not abstract art as it is arranged into a sequence. You do not simply button mash a piano.
1. a) John's art was terribad.

1. b) John likes to paint abstract art.

2. a) I suck at art.

2. b) I'm exploring abstract art.
by 0bs3n3 November 16, 2009
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Art that someone creates who wants to create something but does not have the talent to create representational art. Abstract artists are in love with the idea of being an artist, but use mystery instead of talent to be appealing. Professional abstract artists are good business people as they know how to market themselves and their art to be trendy.
Dax: Who is that man with the beret and the cappuccino?
Avery: That's Marcel Beaumont, the abstract artist
Dax: Oh, so he is a Frenchmen who can paint, portraits or landscapes?
Avery: Neither, and he's not really French. I think he was born in Missouri and just took a couple of art classes at the community college.
Dax: Really? But he looks so, so, .. so...
Avery? Trendy?
Dax: Yes, that's it.
by Jane Doeski October 14, 2012
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It's something that people do and make a lot of money but 3 year olds can do it too but they don't make any money
by Mlg noscoper 69696969420 November 17, 2017
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An absofreakinlute waste of colors by people fantasizing about being ARFISTS but not having the talents to.
+ I'm jobless :(
- Be an abstract arfist.

Abstract art
by KurdishMan July 21, 2020
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Art with no defined meaning. Its purpose is to let the viewer interpret its meaning for him/herself. It can be a test of someones interpretation skills.. And it's why some people like it.

Most will not like my witting. It's abstract and seems meaningless. But if you can look past the potential of confusion, and want to find out what I really mean, then read ahead.
"Abstract Art is meaningless! It does not challenge my intellect at all! I truly  believe it has no place in this world and is only making people dumber. I mean come on! Things should not be up for interpretation. They should be factual. It's just a dead end.

Boo independent thinking! Get the facts strait! Stop acting like the factual things in life should be questioned and up for interpretation. That never got us anywhere in life."
by Atsuidesu March 3, 2010
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The most misunderstood form of visual art. The passive art audience will say abstract art is meaningless because all it is is a bunch of meaningless shapes and colors and that anybody can do it. Yes, anybody can do abstract art by throwing paint on a canvas but not many are actually good at it. That's like saying anybody can make abstract noise out of a guitar, very few are actually really good at it. It takes a sensitive and trained eye to know good marks and good brush strokes and composition just like music. Just like listening to abstract music from an instrument. And no, not anyone could throw paint on a canvas and make tons of money off of it. If that were the case everyone would be rich and famous and there are very few rich and famous abstract artist out there today. Only people who were the first at what they did are really famous. People know nothing about this art form and still judge it out of ignorance, they haven't done a single bit of research and think they know everything about abstract art and what it means. I could say Jimmy Page is a pretentious hipster because he makes a bunch of non sensical sounds out of a guitar and I don't know what they mean. The purpose of abstract art is not always to interpret the meaning for himself. There is such thing as bad abstract art and good abstract art. People who hate abstract art are normally hypocrits because they whine about modern abstract art yet they go on to enjoy other forms of abstract art like it's normal. Music is an abstract form of art, beats and guitars, and sound is meaningless. Design is abstract where shape, color, form, composition is abstract. Compositional shots in film is abstract, there is color, space, etc. Just about anything designed is abstract. Look at a nice car that you like for instance, it's the shapes and colors that please your eyes. Look at anything artificial that you think looks good, it is still the shape, color, form, composition that pleases the eye not the fact that it is an object. A painting is still an object, it doesn't always have to represent anything. That's like me saying why is your car red? what does it mean? why are there different shapes on your car, it makes no sense. Look at all the buildings all around you, look at all the things around you, there is abstract elements that look good everywhere. Some will go as far as saying abstract art is actually from analyzing and object where the origin of the abstract is actually an object being abstracted. Also consider the concepts put into abstract art.
Dumb people think they know everything about abstract art just sound stupid because they contradict everything they say. If anybody could make millions off of abstract art go prove it and try it for yourself. go throw some paint on a canvas and tell me how far you will make it. are you as smart as you sound?
by eazy-X April 29, 2008
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